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Foundation Matches:
SkinType: Dehydrated Combi,
EverydayMinerals(O.Glow): Light Almond/Fawn 1:2) SilkNaturals : 4Yellow:3ButteryYellow:25MediumIvory:2GlowBase:Pinch of GreenColorCorrector
MakeupForever HD :#120
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation :004 Nude
Maybelline Superstay 24hr Makeup : Sand Beige
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation : 52 Vanilla
Bourjois 10hr Sleep Effect :72 Rose Clair
RimmelLastingFinish :200 Soft Beige
CoastalScents Undercover HD : ST-04

Current Skin Care Products
*L'oreal Deep Cleansing Oil
*AHA by CLeansing Research Oil Cleanser
*L'oreal Waterproof Lip/Eye MU remover
*Chagrin Valley Cornmeal & Honey Scrubby Soap
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*GOW German Chamomile Hydrosol
*Cure Natural Aqua Gel
*Natural Pack Charchal Mask

*GOW Honey/Immortelle HA serum
*GOW Detox Serum
*Gow Repair and Recover Serum
*GOW Age Defying Serum
*GOW Chock full of Vitamins Serum
*GOW Fruity Meow Meow Facion Lotion, Waxless
*Vitacreme B12

*Chagrin Valley Squalane (Undereye / dry spots)
*Chagrin Valley Whipped Shea Butter
*GOW Fruity Meow Meow Body Lotion
* Body Shop Body Butter in Cherry and Strawberry
* St'ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Moisturiser

GOW = Garden Of Wisdom


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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
12:49 AM
Happy 21st Birthday To me :)

I celebrated my 21st birthday in advance with my two besties & co.
From Left:
Kiren , Stella, Vicky, Faiz (our secondary sch classmate whom we were closer with then)

They planned a surprise for me. This was meant to be a mini celebration over dinner before we head over to drink. And i thought i wasn't going to make a big fuss about my birthday because I'm in the midst of the busiest period in school.
But Faiz couldn't make it, and left after dinner. He turned up just to catch up and celebrate my birthday!. How nice. Well, he was one of the guy during secondary school who Wasn't irritatingly childish and could actually have conversations and not always trying ot be funny.
This was on Friday, so I had on the Gold and Black EOTD that i posted up earlier. I think i named the look Galaxy Gold. The look turned out more smokey and dramatic than i thought in photos

The 3 Musketeers! oh well, not really :S
That's Stella, me and Vicky ( from left)
Here's me and bestie Vicky again. We were both pretty high already. It was a great night!
I couldn't remember why I put that flower on my hair. I get sleepy after alcohol kicks in. I thought this was pretty funny. I can't even remember when they took this picture.
I had a great time Thanks to Vicky, Kiren, Stella and Faiz for planning everything !
On a Final Note,
I have to thank my mom for bringing me into this world. Birthdays are a celebration for the kids but it also marks the most painful day for the moms who went through childbirth on the day.
My mom got me 21 red roses as my birthday present! Of course she still ordered a cake for me. Sometimes I think my mom is pretty cute. She though I'll be sad that I don't receive flowers and stuffs so she said she'll get me instead. :)
Although school was pretty hectic and there are some nasty situations. This was still the best birthday ever :)


Sunday, March 29, 2009
7:11 PM
EOTD 3 - LimeGreen+L'oreal GunMetal Duo look

Products Used

- L'oreal Hip Metallic Duo in GunMetal
(Lighter Color all over lid, Darker color on the Crease and outer 1/3)
- TKB Trading Lotsa Lime mica
(inner 1/3 of lid and on inner corners)
- Majorca Majorlica 15x Lash expander (mascara)

This is a very easy, lime green smokey look. I didn't apply eyeliner because I did this look so i can put up a Post and I wasn't really going to go out. I also actually wanted to test out the L'oreal Hip Duo that I got. I ordered quite a few of those duos but through different sprees. I'll post up pics of them once i receive all my order.
So far, I think the L'oreal Duos are really pigmented, creamy and easy to apply.

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2:36 PM
Eyeliner - Joining Top and Bottom eyeliner naturally

This is a very short post. A cotter up at CozyCot forums was writing about joining the Top and Bottom eyeliners naturally so that it does not look "catty" or cat-like and made up. I was bored at home so i decided to try it.

I started to draw the line from the middle of my lid working outwards. After that, I fill in my lashes from the inner corners to the middle to join it all up. In other words, I did not draw a line on top of my lashes for the inner half of my eye. I believe this is how some girls can achieve that "super thin" line. Just fill in your lashes instead of drawing a line on top of them.
I winged the ends a little but still kept it pretty close to the outer corner of my eye so it doesn't look too dramatic. The little wing at the end really helps to give more live to the eyes if u compare it with the 2nd picture.
The picture is a bit blurred. :P Believe it or not, this one took me longer to draw than the first one with the winged-tip. I'm not used to drawing eyeliners without at least having a bit of a wing at the end.

These are done with a Liquid eyeliner. I chose to use a liquid eyeliner because they give a lot of precision; and also because I think it's the kind of eyeliner that is the most difficult to apply. I thought if I can do it right with a liquid liner, I'd have no problems doing the same with a Gel or Pencil liner.

I did not line the bottom of my eyes all the way in because I don't really like that kind of look. Feel free to draw yours however you like! . I'm glad that I did this exercise as I never used to join up my liners but it turned out pretty well here. I'll definitely draw my liner this way again. :)


1:09 AM
EOTD 2 - Galazy Gold (Gold & Black)

This is a look I wore on Friday but only updating it now because I came back late at night and had to work.
1. So I started by priming my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion. Prime the Lower lid also
I needed something that can hold my eyeshadow for at least 8 hours.
2 . I applied
-NYX's Jumbo pencil in Black bean on the outer half of my eyelid
- NYX's Jumbo eye pencil in Cottage cheese on my inner lids.
I only applied a little and then blend on my eyelid. Too thick a layer will crease up my eyeshadow. But These jumbo pencils really help to make the eyeshadow colors pop.
I don't wear this on their own. I can only wear them on top of UDPP because they crease BADLY on me on their own.

3. Apply Gold eyeshadow on the 2/3 of lids.
I used a half half mix of
TKB Tradings's Gold Fine Mica + Brilliant Gold Mica
- Apply dark grey eyeshadow on the outer eyelids.
- Apply Black eyeshadow on the outer V. or the crease to define the eyes better so it looks more 3D. ( I used TKB Trading's Black Oxide)
- Smudge black eyeshadow on the lower lids.

5. I applied a but more of TKB's Brilliant Gold eyeshadow on my inner corners.
- I applied Indelible Gel Liner in "Black Out" on my upper lash line.
- Finally, Curl Lashes and Apply mascara ( I'm using CoverGirl's Lash Blast in Very black waterproof)
This is the finished look. PLEASE Don't mind the horrible complexion. I was in a hurry to go out, so this picture is taken 10 hours after putting make up on. my foundation pretty much faded But you see the UDPP is still holding my eyeshadow really well.

My skin looks horrible here, but the eyeshadow is the topic here!
In case any1 is interested. I am wearing GEO Color Contacts in Angel Green.

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Friday, March 27, 2009
12:05 PM
Etude Haul : Marbeleade Baked Highlighter/Blusher

These babies came really quickly!. There was a spree for these for only SGD20 each! I think somer online sellers are selling it for close to SGD30 or more for these. They are the so-called MAC MSF Dupes. Now, I don't own any MSFs so i cant compare. I've been using Mineral makeup and have been using EGminerals.com's radiant glow powders which are made to serve the same purpose as MSFs.

My loot was in #02 - Orgy orange, and #04 - Glam highlight. I wanted to use the #02 as a blusher and the other as a highlight, but they didn't turn out as expected.

Here's a size comparison with my hand. I couldn't find the Nett weight of the product on the packaging. But I'm guessing it looks like an 8g or so.

#04 Glam Highlight
It's a really frosty pink with gold shimmer.

#02 - Orgy Orange
Is a shimmery Bronzey gold.

I tried to do swatched but they aren't very good, I'm sure there are other youtube/blog swatches out there which are better :) I'll do a short review
Short Review
They are very tightly pressed. they don't feel creamy. when i swirl my brush on the pan, there are some fall outs around the pan, veyr little, but enough to get u noticed.
These are ultra shimmery, I'll only suggest to use these as highlights / bronzer.
They are also very sheer. But they do give me that very nice "dewy" look .
However, use sparingly or else will end up looking like a disco ball/oil bathed.
#02 - Orgy Orange - I used this over my normal blusher and as a highlight on my cheekbones, forehead and chin. It gives me a very nice and natural healthy glow. my skin tone is like a golden olive, so white or pinkish highlighter makes me look really weird. This is great!, it has just the right about of color. I believe anyone with golden/yellow/olive skintone will like this.
I did not get #01 Orgy pink because i don't really like pinks on my skin. Though i might get it next time because i love this so much :)
#04- Glam highlight - I got this instead of #03 because this has a golden shimmer and is more of a warm color while #03 is more of a cool pink highlight. So i guess you can pretty much choose either one of these according to your undertone. I don't think there is a need to get both #03 and #04. This does not work as well as an overall facial highlight as #03 for me. I prefer to look natural and have a golden glow to enhance my skin color. I use this to highlight my Brow bone and nose bridge, I dust a bit of this to further highlight my cheekbones too. So far, this is the best shimmery brow bone highlight. I wore this all over my lid with just some smudge pencil eyeliner and it really seemed to brighten up my eyes. I'll definitely use this when i have on more subdued eye makeup.
Overall, I think these are pretty multipurpose, definitely use them on your eyelids or brown bone , OR anywhere you deem fit . Don't restrict these just to the Cheeks. :)

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Monday, March 23, 2009
12:23 AM
Avon Haul 2 - Retinol and Glazewear Lipsticks

My Avon Haul came! . It's considerably a small haul. I got it from the friendly spree organiser who always packs items in PostPacs again!. I wanted to get some More lipsticks because Avon's everlasting lipsticks are on sale. However I was too late for the spree! It was closed by the time i checked. :( Now i just hope she (the spree organiser) will open another spree soon.
I got 6 Lipsticks in total. 3 Glazewear and 3 retinol pumping Lipsticks. Most of the colors i Chose are either nudes or peaches.

Sorry No swatches yet!
Glazewear Lipsticks
(Champagne Glow, Coral Gables and Brown suger (i think).)
I got them at a sales price of USDaround USD3.99 Each
These are so GOOD they are so GREAT. Previously when i got AVOn stuffs these weren't available on the website. It's weird because some times the website doesn't display some items. I assume its because they are OOS or something. I got lucky this time and were able to get a few. Now i am totally regretting not getting a few more colors because the texture and finish of these are just wonderful. I like these better than the Maybelline collagen Lipsticks.
These go on VERY creamy. Feels great on the lips. They smell similar to the Pro-To-Go lipsticks. I really love these. They have a shimmery finish but looks very natural and doesn't make me look like i just dip my mouth into glitter.
Champagne Glow is a Perfect MLBB colour for me. It's a shade lighter than my lips. I guess u can say its nude to a certain extent.
Coral Gables is a Pink coral. I don't see any orange/peach in it at all. Thus i was a bit disappointed because i was expecting a nice peach colour with the name . Nonetheless, it will go great with purple and pink eye looks.
Brown Sugar- I have to apologise because i cant remember if the name was brown sugar. It was too dark for me the moment I opened it. So i gave it to my bestie, Vicky. (u can find the link to her blog at the side bar) . I think it'll work as a good MLBB / nude brown lipstick for her.
Beyond Color Retinol Lip Pimpign LipStick
(Peach Daiquiri, Beige Shimmer and Sugar Creme.)
These often go on sale, I think i go them as USD2.99 each
Peach Daiquiri came broke. It's not ONLY broke. It got stuck on the cover and i had trouble getting it out without squashing the product. When i saw the lipstick after opening the cap, (see picture) I was seriously shocked. I've never seen lipstick in this view before. LoL
Sugar Cane turned our , like a shimmery metallic. On my lips it looks like a metallic/robotic look gone wrong. It would have been a great real nude lipstick if it wasn't so metallic. It looks like metal on my lips!
Beige Shimmer turns out to be a good nude color for me. It's really creamy and feels good on the lips. I didn't feel any pumping action with any of the three i got. beige shimmer is a brown nude color with a shimmery satin kind of finish. Not pure satin, but not as shimmery as most shimmery L/S
Peach Daiquiri reminds me of NYX's Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Apricot. However this looks much better and the shimmers are not over the top like with nyx. This one is quite sheer. It is a light peachy apricot color. This is my favourite natural "peachy apricot" lipstick so far.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009
3:06 AM
EOTD 1 - Gold

This my first attempt doing an EOTD post. I'll do more in the future and hopefully some FOTDS.
This is EOTD 1 - Gold

Products Used

Inner - NYX Single Eyeshadow in Blondie

Inner Corners - TKB Trading pigment in Brillant Gold

Middle - TKB Trading pigment in Lovely Leo

Outer Corners - NYX Single Eyeshadow in Latte Foam

Crease - TKB Trading Pigment in BlackStar Brown

Eyeliner - Indelible Gel liner in Magnetism (top) , Maybelline Gel Liner in 02 Brown (bottom)

Mascara - Majorlica Majorica Lash Expander 15x in Black

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
11:55 PM
Absolute Boyfriend (Settai Kareshi)

descriptions taken from soju.com

Alternative Title: Zettai Kareshi / 絶対彼氏
Film Date: April, 2008
Total Episodes: 11
Japan Casts:
Aibu Saki, Hayami Mokomichi, Irie Jingi, Maya Miki, Mizushima Hiro, Nakamura Shunsuke, Sasaki Kuranosuke
Izawa Riko is a temp worker in search of a boyfriend, and she ends up in possession of a "robot" known as Night Tenjo, who is programmed to be the perfect boyfriend. However, this creates a love triangle with a distinguished young man at her company who has feelings for her.

I've been watching this show today although I have an essay to rush. It was really nice, very funny throughout the show and it was very touching in the end. Really made me all teared up during the last episode, I tend to be really touched because i always get so engrossed in the shows i watch.

I think the most important part of the show that is left out in the descriptions is about how the Night Tenjo robot developed human emotions and goes against his built in programming for Riko , the female lead. It might seem shallow at first, but like is aid I though it was really touching. Definitely a feel good show though some might wish it would end another way. :)

This really helped to brighten up my mood during some of this difficult times.


12:24 AM
Updated: Tkb Trading Swatches

These are about all the Pigments / powdered colorants that I got from TKB trading. The pictures are not great but I do think they will be useful to a certain extent.

TKB's pigments are powders, mostly very powderym loose and shimmery. However there are some powders which "cakes" together more, as in less powdery (in a good way). It's like how some loose foundation tend to be more "cakey" as compared to loose finishing Powders
Oxides are matte and also tend to be thicker and more clumpy and pressable.

~ = clumpy powder
` = Sheen finish, not shimmery nor matte
" = Slight metallic finish
- = less shimmery than average
* = Super Shimmery
^ = Matte

: = teaspoon sample

[Ivory Lace] [Artisan Coral] [Apricot] [Bronze] [Soft Brown`] [Bronzed Gold*] [Dark Brown Oxide^~] [Blackstar Gold~] [Australian Amber] [Ochre Oxide^~] [Bronzed Mica] [ Swiss Chocolate] [Moonstone Mica] [Cinnamon Oxide:^~] [Brown Oxide:^~]
[Colorona Russet"~] [Gemtone Ruby] [Raspberry Pop] [Strawberry Pop] [Soft Red`] [Angel Wings] [Be My Valentine][Pink Coral] [Blush Beige] [Foliage]

[Passion Orange"~] [Aztec Gold~] [Lovely Leo] [Tangerine Pop] [Harvest Yellow Oxide^~] [Lemon Drop Pop][Brillant Gold] [24 Karet^] [Mermaid's Gold] [Gold Fine"~] [Soft Yellow`] [Yellow Oxide:^~] [Orange Oxide:^~] [Forged Gold:"] [Crucible Gold:"] [Crucible Khaki:"][Grape Pop] [Love Song] [Aster Hue] [Amethyst] [Pure Purple-] [Manganese Violet:^~]
[Murasaki Violet Matte:^~] [Paris Pink:^~] [Green Apple Mica-] [Lotsa Lime-] [Sage Green] [Verdigris Gold] [All Love Green] [Breath Of Spring] [Soft Green`] [Aquarius][After Twilight Green] [Blackstar Green~] [Apple Green Pop] [Cyprus Green"~] [Emerald] [Chromium Oxide:^~] [Hydrated Chromium Oxide:^~] [Blackstar Blue"] [Midnight Train] [Soft Blue`] [Ocean Green] [Colorona Dark Blue] [Soft Aqua-] [Totally Teal-] [Coral Reef Blue] [Blueberry Pop] [Indian Blue] [Omega Blue:^~]

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Monday, March 16, 2009
11:57 PM
NYX Haul + Lipgloss Swatches

YAY! , my nyx haul came. These were from cherryculture.com. I actually joined a spree this time also because I was too lazy to organise one myself.
I got only 2 of the NYX round LIpgloss previously, in Cafe latte and Apricot. I really Love them! They are more pigmented than i thought adn goes on smoothly. I saw some youtube that says the stopper of the tube comes out when you pull out the lipgloss wand, lucky for me i didn have any of that problem!. The two I got previously and these 4 here are all in perfect condition so far :) .

Nyx Single Eyeshadow 1st column : EggPlant, Luster
NYX Single Eyeshadow 2nd column : Vanilla Sky, Blondie, Latte Foam
NYX Round Lipglosses : Whipped , Kiss(more shimmery), Real Nude, Peach
Followed by : NYX Mega shine Lipgloss in "Frosted Beige" , NYX Jumbo LipPencil in Almond.

I really like the NYX jumbo LipPencil. I defiantely will be adding more colors to my shopping list. The one i got goes on smoothly but not creamy. It is also very pigmented and lasts longer than the NYX round lipSticks! . Almond is a golden beige color. I tried it and wearign it alone makes me look too dead and its a bit metallic (jsut a bit) But it works wonderful when i apply Megashine "lollipop" and " Frosted Beige" as well as Round Lipglosses in " cafe latte " and "whipped" . I'm sure other nude or natural lipglosses will work beautifully with it too. It gives me the really nice glossy nude lip look.

I will also be checking out the NYX Mosaic Blushes in my next purchase :)

Here are some swatches of the NYX lipglosses I own. They are not alot, but i probably got most of the colors i will wear for the Round lipglosses already. I'll look at the Megashine Lipgloss color charts when I am free to see if there's anymore I can add on to my collection. I think I will be getting "CadyShop" but i'm still finding if there's other colors that will look good on me.
Finally, A picture of my NYX collection so far. It's really very small. I like their eyeshadows so far! However i think the pigmentation varies. Out of all that i got, "Kiwi" was not as pigmented as the others. I needed to apply twice as much eyeshadow for that as comapred to others. Overall they are great; they go on smoothly, are pigmented and are relatively creamy. All the colors i got so far are of a satin finish. I'll venture into Mattes next time :)

Meanwhile I have the new lipglosses to play with :)

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Sunday, March 15, 2009
2:01 AM
TKB Trading Haul 3

YAY! TKB Trading Haul #3! . I think i have almost all the powdered colorants TKB trading has that I will wear by now. Before i placed the orders, I promised that this will be my final TKB trading haul until, at least August of something.
The exchange rate is crazily high so i decided to try VPOST instead of the usual international shipping. TKB was having a promotion where orders over USD100 gets free domestic shipping. So Only had to pay for vpost shipping. I would have switched to Vpost long ago had i known this. I was hesitant because I've heard about so many mishaps and poor CS of VPOST. I know there are other companies, but they are more difficult/troublesome to work with as compare to Vpost. The actual weight of the whole package was 2.6kg. I requested for Compact packing and the tkb trading staff really packed the items VERY tightly. Not to the extend of spoiling the items, but its obvious she/he was thoughtful when packing.

Good Customer service definitely makes me more willing to spend and TKB's has been great so far. Although they are one of the few companies that doesn't give any freebie/discount / the likes for bulk orders.
These are what's in the package! I still have some 10g jars that i didn't include here. Did i mention before TKb 's very generous with their samples? USD1.50 for 1 tablespoon which fills a 20g jar with no sifter. And they use high quality ziplock bags which are really sturdy and not flimsy. Even if I don't move my powders in to jars, the ziplocks will last me a long time if i were to dip my brushes in there.

These are my own. I didn't include the base powders because they are all white in color. I love the pigments. I got some matte pigments this time and some oxides. The Oxides are in the small round pans that tkb call "Cutie Pies". The stacked jar at the side are micro fine glitter powders that's safe to use on the eyes. I intented to use them to line my eyes. However I'll need to buy some foiling liquid for that, glycerin mix just does not seem to hold the glitter well and long enough.

Now here's my updated TKb trading Pigment collection. In an older post i posted a pic of my collection as well. Just that now i am onto my 2nd layer in the box :) Previously i just had a full single layer.

Here's my little army of pigments :) The smaller jars on the outside are the oxides and premium pigments. I'll list out all the colors so in case it'll be of use :)
TKB's pigments are powders, mostly very powderym loose and shimmery. However there are some powders which "cakes" together more, as in less powdery (in a good way). It's like how some loose foundation tend to be more "cakey" as compared to loose finishing Powders
Oxides are matte and also tend to be thicker and more clumpy and pressable.
~ = clumpy powder
` = Sheen finish, not shimmery nor matte
" = Slight metallic finish
- = less shimmery than average
* = Super Shimmery
^ = Matte
: = teaspoon sample
I'm going from left to right in terms of Columns (top to bottom)
1st column : [Bronzed Gold*] [Angel Wings] [Pink Coral] [Blush Beige] [Foliage] [Be My Valentine] [Raspberry Pop] [Strawberry Pop] [Colorona Russet"~] [Gemtone Ruby] [Soft Red`]
2nd column : [Mermaid's Gold] [Brillant Gold] [24 Karet^] [Gold Fine"~] [Lemon Drop Pop] [Soft Yellow`] [Harvest Yellow Oxide^~] [Lovely Leo] [Tangerine Pop] [Aztec Gold~] [Passion Orange"~]
3rd Column : [Apple Green Pop] [Breath Of Spring] [Soft Aqua`] [Totally Teal-] [Coral Reef Blue] [Indian Blue] [Blueberry Pop] [Ocean Green] [Soft Blue`] [Midnight Train] [Colorona Dark Blue]
4th column : [Hilite Gold] [Storm*] [Antique Silver"~] [Polished Silver*] [Pure Purple-] [Aster Hue] [Amethyst] [Grape Pop] [Love Song] [Blackstar Red~] [Blackstar Blue"~]
5th Column : [Hilite Orange] [Hilite Copper] [hilite Red] [hilite Green] [Hilite Blue] [Hydro Pearl Powder] [Hillite Violet] [Silver Glitter**] [Black Glitter**] [Purple Glitter**] [Green Glitter**] [YellowGold Glitter **]
6th Column (outside box) : [Green Apple-] [Lotsa Lime-] [Sage Green] [All Love Green] [Verdigris Gold] [Cyprus Green"~] [Emerald] [Blackstar Green~] [After Twilight Green] [Aquarius] [Soft Green`]

7th Column (outsidebox) : [Ivory Lace] [Artisan Coral] [Apricot] [Bronze] [Soft Brown`] [Swiss Chocolate] [Dark Brown Oxide^~] [Ochre Oxide^~] [Moonstone] [Australian Amber] [Blackstar Gold~]
8th Column (outside box) : [Chromium Oxide:^~] [Hydrated Chromium Oxide:^~] [Omega Blue:^~] [Murasaki Violet Matte:^~] [Paris Pink:^~] [Manganese Violet:^~] [Yellow Oxide:^~] [Orange Oxide:^~] [Cinnamon Oxide:^~] [Brown Oxide:^~] [Black Oxide:^~]
9th Column (outside box) : [Red Oxide] [Blue Shade:^~] [Red Oxide:^~] [Travel to Mars:] [Travel to Earth:] [Travel to Jupiter:] [Crucible Gold:"] [Crucible Khaki:"] [Forged Gold:"] [Pearl White] [Black Mica]
Another picture with no flash for comparison. Personally think these pictures are really quite accurate. I hope I will be able to hold for long enough from ordering again from TKB. I have too much! and I'm not even really using them.

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1:14 AM
First Chagrin Valley Haul

My first order from Chagrin Valley came!. This was a pretty random haul. I saw a spree for it at sgspree and decided to try it since i wanted to get shea butter (or something similar) to moisturize my legs and hands and dry areas on my face. This store is famous for their soap. They have all kinds of facial soap, body soap and even shampoo soaps. I only got 3 soap samples suitable for the face because my cleanser is running out and i wanted to see if i can get a healthier replacement.
This is their Whipped Shea Butter. It's the first time i owned any whipped butter so it's very interesting!. I had it in the Lemon Almond scent. It's supposed to smell like chocolate / vanilla/ cake . But all i can smell is the artificial almond scent. I'm not saying they are using artificial ingredients, I'm just describing how it smells like. Usually i cant stand the artificial taste AND smell of almond, but this was fine. Compared to my Egyptian Magic cream, the EM was more easily absorbed, which really surprised me seeing how EM appears more oily. I know this is the first time i am bringing up EM on my blog. I'll do a dedicated review of it next time because it deserves it :)
Item no. 2 is their Body Butter Balm. This one's called "shea's So Fine" , which rhymes with " she's so fine". I though this name is really cute. made up of Shea butter , avocado butter, jojoba oil, organic coconut oil and Vita E. The ingredients are all heavenly goodness! But the tin's really small. ( 1oz, 20g) . Just the size to carry around in the purse.
The texture, it looks like its made up of small beads. When i run my fingers across the surface i can still feel the beads, but they melt when i rub my fingers together. There's no funky smell, which is really what i look forward to when buying these natural products because they don't contain harmful ingredients and aren't fragranced strongly. My nose can really be sensitive at times
Soap samples! Cost only USD2.60 each. And they are sized generously. They appear just like 1 layer smaller than the normal body soaps that's sold in the supermarkets. And since I'm using them for my face, one is going to last a really long time. This one is Carrot & honey. I saw some good testimonials of this.
This is the Cornsmeal & honey soap. Either this or the carrot honey has got wheatgerm as an ingredient. now wheatgerm is super comedogenic despite its benefits. I'm kind of afraid that it will break me out, so i am using this 3rd one first.
This is the Shea Rose Clay soap. Although described as a "scrubby soap" , nothing about it feels scrubby for me. It foams really well, so i guess the other soaps should soap well too.
This cleanses really well to, but unlike normal soaps this does not dry out my skin. I've been using it for a little over a week now and did not experience any negative effects. This a good sign.
I was using the SK2 cleanser previously. It contained rosehip oil and i got breakouts after using it for like a week. I'm not sure if it is because of the sk2 cleanser but i stopped it anyway.
So this took its place. I've not been getting enough rest recently and i guess that why i got some small break outs on my face. I don't think its the soap. Because they are painful, not like the kind i got from the cleanser previously.

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Sunday, March 08, 2009
2:14 AM
Boys Over Flowers

I'm currently watching this show. The story originated from a Japanese manga/comic book titled " Hana Yori Dango" (whichever is the correct name). The japanese did a drama based on the books. The Taiwanese also did a version titled "Meteor Garden".and NOW

The Koreans are TAGGED! This one's named Boys Over Flowers , which i think is the direct translation of Hana Yori Dango (i'm not 100% sure) WOOO... I have to say, i like the cast best in this Korean version. It's currently airing in Korea. This picture does the cast NO justice at all. I'm just fainting at how this show looks like a fairytale. I already know this is my favourite version :D . Then again, I've alwasy liked korean drama/movies better so i might be biased.

You can find uploads of this drama very easily on youtube.com / veoh.com etc. :)