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Sunday, March 15, 2009
1:14 AM
First Chagrin Valley Haul

My first order from Chagrin Valley came!. This was a pretty random haul. I saw a spree for it at sgspree and decided to try it since i wanted to get shea butter (or something similar) to moisturize my legs and hands and dry areas on my face. This store is famous for their soap. They have all kinds of facial soap, body soap and even shampoo soaps. I only got 3 soap samples suitable for the face because my cleanser is running out and i wanted to see if i can get a healthier replacement.
This is their Whipped Shea Butter. It's the first time i owned any whipped butter so it's very interesting!. I had it in the Lemon Almond scent. It's supposed to smell like chocolate / vanilla/ cake . But all i can smell is the artificial almond scent. I'm not saying they are using artificial ingredients, I'm just describing how it smells like. Usually i cant stand the artificial taste AND smell of almond, but this was fine. Compared to my Egyptian Magic cream, the EM was more easily absorbed, which really surprised me seeing how EM appears more oily. I know this is the first time i am bringing up EM on my blog. I'll do a dedicated review of it next time because it deserves it :)
Item no. 2 is their Body Butter Balm. This one's called "shea's So Fine" , which rhymes with " she's so fine". I though this name is really cute. made up of Shea butter , avocado butter, jojoba oil, organic coconut oil and Vita E. The ingredients are all heavenly goodness! But the tin's really small. ( 1oz, 20g) . Just the size to carry around in the purse.
The texture, it looks like its made up of small beads. When i run my fingers across the surface i can still feel the beads, but they melt when i rub my fingers together. There's no funky smell, which is really what i look forward to when buying these natural products because they don't contain harmful ingredients and aren't fragranced strongly. My nose can really be sensitive at times
Soap samples! Cost only USD2.60 each. And they are sized generously. They appear just like 1 layer smaller than the normal body soaps that's sold in the supermarkets. And since I'm using them for my face, one is going to last a really long time. This one is Carrot & honey. I saw some good testimonials of this.
This is the Cornsmeal & honey soap. Either this or the carrot honey has got wheatgerm as an ingredient. now wheatgerm is super comedogenic despite its benefits. I'm kind of afraid that it will break me out, so i am using this 3rd one first.
This is the Shea Rose Clay soap. Although described as a "scrubby soap" , nothing about it feels scrubby for me. It foams really well, so i guess the other soaps should soap well too.
This cleanses really well to, but unlike normal soaps this does not dry out my skin. I've been using it for a little over a week now and did not experience any negative effects. This a good sign.
I was using the SK2 cleanser previously. It contained rosehip oil and i got breakouts after using it for like a week. I'm not sure if it is because of the sk2 cleanser but i stopped it anyway.
So this took its place. I've not been getting enough rest recently and i guess that why i got some small break outs on my face. I don't think its the soap. Because they are painful, not like the kind i got from the cleanser previously.

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