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Friday, March 27, 2009
12:05 PM
Etude Haul : Marbeleade Baked Highlighter/Blusher

These babies came really quickly!. There was a spree for these for only SGD20 each! I think somer online sellers are selling it for close to SGD30 or more for these. They are the so-called MAC MSF Dupes. Now, I don't own any MSFs so i cant compare. I've been using Mineral makeup and have been using EGminerals.com's radiant glow powders which are made to serve the same purpose as MSFs.

My loot was in #02 - Orgy orange, and #04 - Glam highlight. I wanted to use the #02 as a blusher and the other as a highlight, but they didn't turn out as expected.

Here's a size comparison with my hand. I couldn't find the Nett weight of the product on the packaging. But I'm guessing it looks like an 8g or so.

#04 Glam Highlight
It's a really frosty pink with gold shimmer.

#02 - Orgy Orange
Is a shimmery Bronzey gold.

I tried to do swatched but they aren't very good, I'm sure there are other youtube/blog swatches out there which are better :) I'll do a short review
Short Review
They are very tightly pressed. they don't feel creamy. when i swirl my brush on the pan, there are some fall outs around the pan, veyr little, but enough to get u noticed.
These are ultra shimmery, I'll only suggest to use these as highlights / bronzer.
They are also very sheer. But they do give me that very nice "dewy" look .
However, use sparingly or else will end up looking like a disco ball/oil bathed.
#02 - Orgy Orange - I used this over my normal blusher and as a highlight on my cheekbones, forehead and chin. It gives me a very nice and natural healthy glow. my skin tone is like a golden olive, so white or pinkish highlighter makes me look really weird. This is great!, it has just the right about of color. I believe anyone with golden/yellow/olive skintone will like this.
I did not get #01 Orgy pink because i don't really like pinks on my skin. Though i might get it next time because i love this so much :)
#04- Glam highlight - I got this instead of #03 because this has a golden shimmer and is more of a warm color while #03 is more of a cool pink highlight. So i guess you can pretty much choose either one of these according to your undertone. I don't think there is a need to get both #03 and #04. This does not work as well as an overall facial highlight as #03 for me. I prefer to look natural and have a golden glow to enhance my skin color. I use this to highlight my Brow bone and nose bridge, I dust a bit of this to further highlight my cheekbones too. So far, this is the best shimmery brow bone highlight. I wore this all over my lid with just some smudge pencil eyeliner and it really seemed to brighten up my eyes. I'll definitely use this when i have on more subdued eye makeup.
Overall, I think these are pretty multipurpose, definitely use them on your eyelids or brown bone , OR anywhere you deem fit . Don't restrict these just to the Cheeks. :)

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