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Foundation Matches:
SkinType: Dehydrated Combi,
EverydayMinerals(O.Glow): Light Almond/Fawn 1:2) SilkNaturals : 4Yellow:3ButteryYellow:25MediumIvory:2GlowBase:Pinch of GreenColorCorrector
MakeupForever HD :#120
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation :004 Nude
Maybelline Superstay 24hr Makeup : Sand Beige
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation : 52 Vanilla
Bourjois 10hr Sleep Effect :72 Rose Clair
RimmelLastingFinish :200 Soft Beige
CoastalScents Undercover HD : ST-04

Current Skin Care Products
*L'oreal Deep Cleansing Oil
*AHA by CLeansing Research Oil Cleanser
*L'oreal Waterproof Lip/Eye MU remover
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*GOW Honey/Immortelle HA serum
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*GOW Age Defying Serum
*GOW Chock full of Vitamins Serum
*GOW Fruity Meow Meow Facion Lotion, Waxless
*Vitacreme B12

*Chagrin Valley Squalane (Undereye / dry spots)
*Chagrin Valley Whipped Shea Butter
*GOW Fruity Meow Meow Body Lotion
* Body Shop Body Butter in Cherry and Strawberry
* St'ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Moisturiser

GOW = Garden Of Wisdom


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
10:52 PM
Permanent Sale Post

All Prices are Inclusive of Postage unless other wise stated.
! Support my sale so that i can have funds to shop more and thus more sprees ! :P
Payment details : Posb Savings 228-22708-0

(please inquire before making payment)

TKB Trading Eye Fix Eyeshadow Primer
TKB Trading Eye Fix SGD10.50 Mailed
REad Review @ http://msfrenchfries.blogspot.com/2009/02/tkb-trading-eye-fix-review.html

BB Cream Samples - Dr G Gowoonsesang Brightening Balm / Hydra Intensive Blemish Balm

$4 - Mailed for each 5g Jar ( Fully filled )
5g jar is ~ 5ml
(full tubes of 60ml retails for ard $50 Hydra intensive is not vailable in SG)
* Whole tube of DrG Brightening $27 Mailed, No Box (left, beige tube)
(TUbe is 5ml short of being full as i've squeezed a sample to use before)

Eyeko 3 in 1 Cream Sample
$3.00 Mailed each - in a full filled 5g Jar ( or the equivilant in an 8g jar)
*Tinted Cream ( the Bronze Jar)
*Normal untinted cream ( the pink jar)

Everyday Minerals Stuff

* $2 Mailed - Samples in Ziplock Bags *
- Foundation : (Fawn / MATTE ),( GoldenFair / ORI.GLOW) , (OliveLight / ORI.GLOW) , (OliveFair / ORI.GLOW)
- Blush/COncealer : (PinkRIbbon(, (LightPeach),(SparkleBeige),( MultiTAsking COncealer)

*$2.50 Mailed - Samples in Original EDM sample jar, BRANDNEW
- Golden Light FOundation / ORI.GLOW
- Champagne Blush
- Bisque COncealer

TKB Trading Pigment Samples (not all colors listed have corresponding pics))
($3.00 each - amt of powder as EverydayMinerals Samples)
measured with a measuring scoop in Clear 5g/8g Jar sifter mostly w/o sifter
($2.50 each -
Same amount in Ziplock Bag)

(Picture @ http://msfrenchfries.blogspot.com/2009/02/tkb-trading-haul-2.html )

*Iridescent Colors (Appears white, but rubs to give a Colored shimmer)
- Hilite Gold / Hilite Copper / Hilite Orange / Hilite Red / Hilite Green / Hilite Violet / Hilite Blue -

* Greys
- Storm / Antique Silver / Polished Silver -

* Purples/Plums
- Aster Hue / Amethyst Mica / PurePurple / Grape Pop / Love Song / BlackStar Red

- Ocean Green Mica / Soft Blue / Soft Aqua / Coral Reef Blue / Totally Teal / Indian Blue / Blueberry Pop / Colorona Dark Blue / Midnight Train / BlackStar Blue -

* Greens
- Breath Of Spring / Apple Green Pop / Lotsa Lime / Green Apply Mica/ Soft Green / Aquarious Mica / After Twilight / All Love Green / Sage Green /Emerald / Black Star Green -

* Yellows/ Golds
- Brillant Gold / Mermaid's Gold / Gold Fine / Lemon Drop Pop / Soft Yellow / Harvest YEllow Oxide / 24 Karat / Aztec Gold / -

* Oranges
- Lovely Leo / Tangerine Pop / Passion Orange -

* Pinks / Reds
- Angel Wings / Pink Coral / Foliage / Be My Valentine / Gemtone Ruby -
- Strawberry Pop / Raspberry Pop / Colorona Russet / Soft Red -

* Beige/ COrals
- Pearl White / Ivory Lace / Apricot Mica / Artisan Coral / Blush Beige -

* Bronze / Browns
- Bronzed GOld / Bronzed Mica /Soft Brown / Ochre Oxide / Australian Amber / DarkBrown Oxide / Moonstone Mica / BlackStar Gold / Swiss Chocolate -

(Picture @ http://msfrenchfries.blogspot.com/2009/02/tkb-trading-haul-2.html )


Tuesday, February 24, 2009
12:07 AM
Maybelline Watershine 3D Collagen Lipstick Review

These are the MOST AMAZING LIPSTICK EVER! . I'm still very excited about these. I got them in China when i went there on Holiday. They had a LOT more color selection compared to Singapore. But very little non-shimmery Light shades. So i only settled with 3. NOW, i am just regretting more by the day because these are so great. I know i would have loved the slightly shimmery ones too. Argh... * Maybelline Counters
Product: Maybeling Watershine 3D Collagen Lipstick (such a long Name .Grrr* )
Price: ~ RMB79? ( ~SGD16 / USD 10)
Packaging : 4/5
Quality: 4.5 /5
Color Selection: Varies 2/ 5 - 3.5 / 5
Texture: Wonderfully Smooth
Coverage: light BUT Very buildable / layerable

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE LIPSTICK! . It applies very smoothly. It feels light and nice on the lips. The texture is lighter than even some lipgloss.
The finish is a watery Shine that sort of looks like a lipgloss, but not quite so shiny. PERFECT.

These doesn dry out my Lips. I have lips that chap so easily. But even when i dont use lipbalm under these, i dont get chapped/dry lips.! I love love this. This review is SO short. But i really ike the finish, texture, quality, color, application of these lipsticks. I will definately get more if i can find colors that suit me. The local counters ONLY have like 6 colors? pathetic . I couldn find these online ( ulta/drugstore.com ) So i am still trying to find other places that carry these.

THESE are WONDERFUL! i know this is a short review and all I'm saying is how muchi like it. Thats coz there's almost nothing bad about it. Again i wunt talk about lasting power coz all moisturising lipsticks dont last very long. But these are better than most lipglosses.

I've been wanting to try the maybelline moisture extreme lipsticks. But the local counters (again) have very limited shades. So i'm looking on the net again. Now i just cant wait to try the moisture extreme because i have a feeling that they will be as good as these collagen lipsticks. since they are both maybelline. Ha .. ..

totally excited!

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Monday, February 23, 2009
11:10 PM
Avon Pro-To-Go Lipstick Review

http://www.avon.com/ / ebay.com / independent representatives
Product: AVOn Pro-To-Go Lipstick
Price: USD8 ( usually on sale ~ USD5.99)
Packaging: 4.5/5
Quality: 3.5/ 5
Color Selection: 2/5
Repurchase: Yes
Texture: Smooth and Thin
Finish: Satin Sheen ( for the ones I got)
Again, please pardon the low quality pictures until i get hold of a good camera that actually focuses and zooms in.
First of all, Lets start with the Good stuff. The packaging is SO GOOD! It's different, real funky and just really nice. Just push the small nob at the side and the L/S will go up; Push it down and it goes back in. I dont find the traditional L/S packaging with a separate cover troublesome, but this is just really fun. Just for this fact, I'll repurchase considering its so cheap as well.
The texture is really good, goes on smoothly ( but not the smoothest of all L/s). It feels really thin on the lips, so u dont feel like u got a whole lot of product on. I wunt talk about lasting power on my lips. Because i always eat off watever i have on anyway. So usually after some snacks, my lips will be like, bare.
I dont think I can find a perfect nude color among the selection. That's not because i am picky or anything. Comparing to other drug store brand L/S color selection, this is really little. I got these in Intimate nude and Natural Beauty. These are, reviewed as 2 of the Best MLBB color ( my lips but Better) . True enough , Natural Beauty was the MLBB color for me. It made my lips look a bit more natural pink than they really are. I have horrible lips, their color is just like dead people's lips with uneven coloring , and its a plumish color instead of being a nice pink. I'll definitely be using The Natural Beauty a Lot. It can go with probably any look, and is great when i am in a hurry.
However the Intimate Nude, is NOWHERE near nude for me. It looks more brown and dull in real life as compared to the picture. I am not terribly thin among the people here. I consider my complexion to be light, or a light medium. But Intimate nude just look like a medium brownish pink. Not flattering for me at all. It looks like some of my mom's old lipstick color on me.
Usually I prefer Matte lipsticks. I usually hate metallic sheen or overly shimmery lipsticks. But these have a, sort of, acceptable satin sheen. Nothing over the top. just a bit of sheen. really quite nice. I wunt be trying out darker / red shades because I cant really carry of those looks. But i know i will be looking at the other lighter colors available.
-------------------------------END -----------------------------------

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10:26 PM
Mini Avon Haul 1

WOOO! it came in a PostPac. This is the first time a spree organiser actually sent my items in a postPac without me requesting for it. I', thinking of doing the same for my own sprees next time because it saves a lot of time wrapping and all.
I got a Soap ( Peach Soap) , 2x Waterproof Glimmerstick eyeliner (these were buy 3 for USD7 with the soap) , 2x Glazewear Lipglosses , 2x Pro-to-Go Lipstick,
I got the water proof glimmersticks in brown and black, Glazewear lipgloss in Mirage and Chocolatefling, and pro-to-go lipsticks in intimate nude and natural beauty.
I'll do a Short Review of the Glazewear Lipgloss here. I'll do a separate review for the Pro-to-Go Lipsticks.

Product: AVON Glazewear Lipgloss
Price : USD6.00 ( usually on sale at around USD2.99).
Packaging: 3 /5
Quality: 3/ 5
Colour Selection: 2 / 5
Repurchase: No ( unless they come up with more colors on the website)
Get them at : http://www.avon.com/ / ebay.com / independent Representatives.

The Colors i got were Mirage and Chocolate Fling.

First of all, I am NOT into pinks/mauves/ Dark colors/ ultra shimmery lip products. That's because they just dont usually look good on me. I cant carry off the whole bold lipcolor look. I also usually prefer browns/corals/nudes / nude pink .
So the Color selection available on the avon website was really bad for me.
Chocolate Fling made me look like i am attempting a Twilight Vampire look nut Mirage was really nice.

These are a Bit sheer. However the color of the gloss on the lips is still quite true to the color in the tube. Comes with a doe-foot applicator. Now some people reviewed that the stopper of the tube cuts out TOO much product. Which means u have to dip the applicator a few times to get enough product for the whole mouth.
I actually dont have a problem with this. I dont like to apply lipglose thickly. Most lipgloss applicators pick up too much product for my preference. For this i can control how much product I want. I'm not saying its great. Just that it doesn bother me.

Overall, The biggest WOW about this product have got to be the Price. It's like one of the cheapest Lipgloss. HOWEVER , it is about USD$3 . Compared to NYX's lipgloss. I'll choose the latter anytime. NYX Megashine (goddess of the night) lipgloss cost from USD3.75-USD5. While the round lipgloss cost around USD2. So i'll say those are better.
I dont regret trying these, but wont be repurchasing unless they come up with shades that suit me better, just for collection.

Now this is the AVON Scented moisturizing(facial?) Soap. I'm not doing a proper review of this. Because i HATE IT as a product. The only thing good about this is the Scent. I actually like the Peachy scent. Avon's Pro-To-Go lipsticks smells sort-of like this soap.

This soap doesn really clean, it made my hands greasy. It's TOO moisturising in that way. I wont be using this on my face. Now it is just sitting on my makeup storage as an air freshener.
Yuk. :S i should have gotten another glimmerstick instead of this.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009
2:19 PM

Product : OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Powder

Quality : 4 / 5
Packaging : 2.5/ 5
Price : 3 / 5 ( as u you can see from the picture. The bottle is VERY VERY small. It is like 2 x Olay eye cream Jars put together)
Repurchase?: YES


There is a sifter At the opening of the bottle where the powder comes out from. However the holes are too big and most of the time more powder than you need comes out. I'll have to seal up half of the holes to use it properly.

The quality of the product is Really Good. It does what it says on the advertisements. Gives a Natural Looking Volume. BUT! It makes ur hair feel a bit funky. My hair feels really matte and like "stuck together" with this on. Good thing is it doesn look the way it feels. I believe it tames fuzziness too. My hairstyle now is an overgrown Bob. Sometimes when i clip it up i will have a lot of strays. But with this my hair is neater without the totally sleek and wet look. Just really natural.

*two thumbs up* for the product itself. I bought it from Swantsons at Chinatown. It was going to $25. I think the price Online (ebay etc) ranges from $30 - $39. For such a small bottle, I don't think many will find it to be worth it. But i will definately get thsi again, simply because i find that it works better than wax and some volumnizing spray/moose.

However I did have a VERY big problem, or rather a weird situation here. Look at the Picture below.

This is the amount of product I got in the bottle before using. ITS ONLY HALFWAY FILED?
I'm not sure if the powder evaporate on its own when left too long on the shelf. Or if it is normal Or if the shop i got it form is not trust-able. ( I am not deciding anything yet until i find out more from others who have this product also).

But this is definitely a down point for me. I didn take down any points due to this because i am suspecting it should just be a Bad bottle or something.

1:52 PM
TKB Trading : Travel to Mars (color shifting Mica)

Product : Travel To Mercury Pigment ( Color shifting Pigment)
Description : Unlike the other "Travel to . . ." colors in our line, Travel to Mercury is not a whitish powder with subtle shifts in hue. Instead, this powder is super-saturated with color. It is probably the most fabulous of the entire family!

. . . Travel To Mercury is natural mineral silica blended with iron oxides. It rubs on with a reddish, coppery heat which transforms into a warm bronze, almost a greenish gold, as it is tilted and turned. In the two photos, you see exactly the same color as photographed at different angles. The powder has a nice medium sheen and is excellent for all types of cosmetics.

From top to bottom : NYX Jumbo pencil in Yogurt, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean, TKB Trading Eye Fix, Urban Decay Primer Potion

Review : I Ordered a sample of this to try out. It came in those Snap shut plastic containers. ( cutie pies on tkb's website) . First of all i have to say i am a bit disappointed because i was very excited about it after reading all the descriptions .

Like the description says this is the only one in the planetary series that is NOT a whitsh powder, but a copperish red instead. The powder i got is exactly as shown in the swatch picture above. Nothing too fancy about this pigment. Except that it appears to have a bit of iridescence, with a gold / orange shimmer. Not a flat red pigment.

I think the picture shoes the so called "color-shifting) better. I actually did the swatch with different primers. In real Life the pigment applies on as the exact same shade on each of the primers. However i noticed in the picture the bottom one looks more orange than red. Probably the shifting is only visible in photographs.

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5:14 AM
HAirBand Valentine's


I finally received my order of the 2 hairbands! They are really just ribbon stuck on normal hairbands. But recently I've been liking these "tie-ing hairbands"
They are so nice. The green goes well with my Geo green contact lens.
Now I'm regretting Not getting a Gold one. ( yes same design) .
Probably i should get Purple and Brown contacts too, So i can match my eyecolor to my hair band!. Ha.....

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
10:19 PM

25 random thingsShare
Today at 20:20
Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

(1) I hate and afraid of Anything that has more than 4 legs ( not including Octopus/squids coz they are delicious
(2) I have big fetish for Frenchfries ( please re-read my blog URL)
(3) I Hate cheese and anything that do with cheese.
(4) I hate to have random pillows on my bed because when i touch them in my sleep i will wake up.
(5) I think soft toys are redundant.
(6) I Will get sick if i have to have soya bean milk and soya bean curd everyday.
(7) I cant stand eating/smelling/tasting pig intestines, kidney and liver.
(8)I think human beings are very simple creatures who wants to appear complicated.
(9) I prefer Tops + bottoms as compared to dresses.
(10) I Dont like chocolates but i dont mind them
(11) I am not fond of children , they make me crazy. (only realised this in 2000 when my brother was born)
(12) I'm having conversation with Anna and Christine now..
(13) I'm going to finish my design studio Moodboard tonight
(14) I'm eating dried sweet potato sticks.
(15) I admire pretty girls with nice figure and an easy life. ( It is just not fair)
(16) I prefer cheena chinese food ( BBQ, Dumplings, etc) . western/malay/indian food so so.
(17) I Like fastfood, but they are bad for my skin
(18) I DONT LIKE to eat icecreams in general, unless i have a sudden kick.
(19) I think red bull really give me wings.. hahaha
(20) I dislike 'ALL ants' and the smell of them..
(21) I am a lazy ass and sewing is troublesome when i dont have all the machine available
(22) My life is ruined the moment i OPTED out of JC life
(23) I also have weird friends / classmates around me.
(24) I hate cockcroaches , but lizards are fine. When i come across one, i often look at it to see if i can see their insides coz their skin is semi translucent
(25) This is just to irritate Christine and because i dont want to do my sch work.


Thursday, February 05, 2009
11:04 PM
TKB Trading Eye Fix Review

Product: Eye Fix (TKB Trading Eye Primer)
Net Weight :
0.2 oz ( in a 20gm matte black jar ) Ingredients: Petrolatum (vaseline), Beeswax, Ozokerite and Parafin waxes (mineral waxes), Cadelilla Wax (a plant based wax), the preservative Quarternium-18-Hectorite, and the film-forming ingredient Propylene Carbonate. It also contains color additives.

Descriptions : Eye Fix is a lightly-hued primer which makes your loose powder eye shadows stay on the skin longer. It may also be used as a highlighter.

Quanlity : 4.5 /5
Packaging : 3.5 /5
Price : 5/5 ( because i got the in a set it cost very little for one. Singles cost USD9.50)

I think both primers ( UDPP and eye fix) intensifies eyeshadows as good.
When i rubbed the swatches, Eye fix smudged a bit more than UDPP.
I noticed that with UDPP i can pack on MORE powder without fall outs as compared to the Eye fix.

Texture :
I depotted my UDPP into a jar after the packaging wont allow a good amount of product to come out. By that time the UDPP was becoming more dried already. I got my UDPP from a swap site so i'm not sure if it was manufactured for a long time already .... But anyway, I cant apply my UDPP as smoothly already because like i said it's becoming more dried. THe texture is thicker and i just cant get it to apply thinly and evenly. And because of this , sometimes my eyeshadow can look a bit funky after Long hours because there will be this DEFINED line between the area where i have UDPP on and the part that doesn't.

You need very Little of this. This have to be applied really thinly/ The Eye fix had a really smooth texture, and it applies SUPER smoothly. It also feels very light .I use my ring finger to apply the eyefix on my lids in a patting motion. Because with a brush, i get too much product on which will cause creasing. Basically i just gently pat/swipe my ring finger on the primer and pat it on my eye. It feels creamy and smooth, easier to blend than my UDPP even when it didn dry up.

Color: The eye fix is defiantly lighter in shade than the UDPP. It's like a fair foundation shade. And it tends to look like that on the eye. I apply this all the way to my browbone. The color works well as a highlighter too because its a fair nude shade. Which is good when sometimes i am in a hurry, don't have to reach for a separate highlighting color. But since it is a cream, some people might not like it on its own like that.

I wont repurchase, probably. Because I have one that i am using right now. Seeing how little i need to use each time, it's going to last me forever. definitely, longer than my UDPP.

it was a good buy... I haven't experienced creasing yet. But i dont have very oily lids to begin with. Despite the poor reviews i saw on youtube. I'm quite happy with this.

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10:22 PM
TKB Trading Haul 2,

I finally received mt TKB trading stuffs from my 2nd haul !. It was GREAT!
I got the TKB trading Eyeshadow primer, Eye Fix too.

This time they had this available for bulk purchases too. ( wasn't available during my first purchase ).
The Eye Fix was selling at USD9.50 for 1. It's cheaper if you get a set of 6. They have it available in even larger quantities.

I got a set of 6 for the eye fix, I took 2 and one of it went to another spree-er. Because i was doing a spree to save on shipping.
Now I'm left with 3 extras. Trying my luck to swap or sell it off.

I got myself more pigments. I Ordered the Hilite Set, and the Pop Mica Samplers set. The Baggies aren't ful in the picture because i already transfered the powder in to my jars. The left over is saved for pressing then into pans.

These Baggies only include the pigments i got form my 2nd haul.

Here's my total collection of pigments from TKB trading. :)

Now , better pictures divided by color. Accuracy should be about an average of 80%.

The Top row is quite accurate. Except that the Apricot mica is really 1 shade lighter.

Ivory lace and Blush beige are not as pink as they appear.

Moonstone Mica is Very accurate

Everything here are pretty accurate except that soft red is a lot lighter in real life.

Green Apply Pop is really light medium green. A cool green.. But i think the camera washed out its color.

Breath of Spring is very accurate though.

Cyprus green and Emerald actually looks really similar in the skin. Cant tell much difference. Get either one will do.

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