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Foundation Matches:
SkinType: Dehydrated Combi,
EverydayMinerals(O.Glow): Light Almond/Fawn 1:2) SilkNaturals : 4Yellow:3ButteryYellow:25MediumIvory:2GlowBase:Pinch of GreenColorCorrector
MakeupForever HD :#120
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation :004 Nude
Maybelline Superstay 24hr Makeup : Sand Beige
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation : 52 Vanilla
Bourjois 10hr Sleep Effect :72 Rose Clair
RimmelLastingFinish :200 Soft Beige
CoastalScents Undercover HD : ST-04

Current Skin Care Products
*L'oreal Deep Cleansing Oil
*AHA by CLeansing Research Oil Cleanser
*L'oreal Waterproof Lip/Eye MU remover
*Chagrin Valley Cornmeal & Honey Scrubby Soap
*Chagrin Valley Tea Tree Soap *GOW Organic Cider Vineger
*GOW German Chamomile Hydrosol
*Cure Natural Aqua Gel
*Natural Pack Charchal Mask

*GOW Honey/Immortelle HA serum
*GOW Detox Serum
*Gow Repair and Recover Serum
*GOW Age Defying Serum
*GOW Chock full of Vitamins Serum
*GOW Fruity Meow Meow Facion Lotion, Waxless
*Vitacreme B12

*Chagrin Valley Squalane (Undereye / dry spots)
*Chagrin Valley Whipped Shea Butter
*GOW Fruity Meow Meow Body Lotion
* Body Shop Body Butter in Cherry and Strawberry
* St'ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Moisturiser

GOW = Garden Of Wisdom


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Friday, July 17, 2009
11:38 PM
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Velvet Rope - Purchase + Review

The Small package I've been waiting for finally arrived. I got this off Ebay on 30th June 09. It arrived today , 17th July 09. I think the shipping time is very reasonable. The seller must have sent it out within 1day of my purchase. However, the seller did not reply to any of my emails. I left a comment that I wish to be informed of the date my item is sent out so I can gauge when to expect the item. And when to assume that the parcel is lost. But I did not get any reply whatsoever, I emailed the seller 2 times and messaged him/her via ebay 2 times. Didn't get any reply too. It's good that At least i got my items safely. It just felt like I was purchasing from a machine , feels really insecure even though the seller has a high rating.
Link to the seller's site: http://myworld.ebay.com.sg/*allura*/

This thing is TINY. Really tiny. The box is about 5" x4.5" (abt 11cm x12.5cm)

Left to Right: Yeyo, 1999, Zero, Burbon, Stash

Price : 4 / 5 , USD16 each (full size) .
Liners from promotional travel size packs are about half that of a full size liner.
Quality: 4 / 5
Finish/Texture: These either have a satin matte finish or satin w/ shimmers. They are VERY creamy and goes on so easily and doesn't tug my eyelids at all. These also smudges very nicely to create a softer/smokey look. Having said that, it also means you have to sharpen or shape the tip of the pencils more frequently because the tip will go blunt easily. Personally , I don't mind my eyeliners being a bit blunt, if I wanted a thin and precise application I'll use a liquid or gel liner instead. If you are someone who likes you eyeliner pencils to have a nice sharp tip, then you will be very irritated with these.
Lasting Power: These lasts the longest on me. They are totally on par with; better in some ways; than my HG Indelible gel liners. It is even better because the "ZERO", black color eyeliner, stays on my waterline for the longest time. I only have to touch up the very outer corners even though it's not really very obvious. This is the only thing that stays on my waterline for a reasonable period of time. Even when I used my indelible gel liners, I had to touch up my waterline every time I check the mirror.
However, some colors lasts longer than others. Namely, the shimmery ones don't last as long as the satin matte ones. Bourbon seems to fade a little, and the shimmers will sort of"disperse" after a while.
Overall: These are high quality eyeliners that applies beautifully. Although they are not cheap, they aren't the most expensive eyeliners around either. I wanted to try them out because there are so many good reviews about them. I wouldn't say I cant live without them. I know that, I can find good enough (but not as good) dupes of these from drugstore brands. With the help of a good eyeshadow primer, it's easy to make eyeliners smudge proof and waterproof too. Then again, can you resist these when there are so much hype about them? I obviously couldn't!

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11:16 PM
O2 skin Bedazzeled Cream eyeshadow Haul

O2 Skin is giving HUGE discounts for the Great Singapore Sale.
- S$1.90 (U.P. S$12.90) Bedazzeled Cream eyeshadows /Enchantress/Hypnosis eyeshadows
- S$0.90 - nail polish.
- S$5.90 - sheer lipgloss
- 20% store wide for non promotional items
- additional 20% discounts for members on non promotional items.
- Spend S$20 and above to get their membership for free

I was very attracted to the cream eyeshadows, see how pigmented they are!
They are really easy to blend too. I got a bit carried away while choosing the colors and my hand ended up like this.

These look a bit different than normal cream shadows. They have a layer of white glitter/shimmer on top. It's just one layer, you have to either scoop away that layer or use it up before the actual color is revealed.
This is how they look like when they are Brand New.

I brushed off some of the top layer of these shadows to show you how these work.
Personally I'm never going to use the white glitter part. So I'll just get rid of the top layer sooner or later.
Ingredients : Mineral Oil (YUK) , Vaseline (this was unexpected) , Dimethicone, Cera Alba 8108, Synthetic Wax, Polybutene,VitaminB5, Phenonig,Fragrance, Colorants (diferafor each item)

I swatched these 6 for you to see their nice pigmentation and all. These do not have names. They only have color codes at the back of the product.

These are all the colors that I got.
I actually bought all these on 2 separate days. That's why the two lime green that I got look so similar. They are two separate colors though. One of them actually look totally yellow in the store, I don't know why it looks more green when I swatch it home. I didn't check the product code behind , I have a feeling the SA might have gotten the wrong color for me? I'm not sure really.
These are really nice! But they do have an expiry date. These expire in 2012.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
10:34 PM
FOTD - Pink and Purple / Before and After Foundation Footage

It's been a long time since I did an EOTD. This should be my first FOTD, Face of the day. I'm going to include a "before and after" foundation picture just to show how much I love everyday minerals. Foundation.

Today's eye makeup is Pink and Purple.

Products Used (Eyes)
*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Iced Mocha
*Everyday Minerals Face Color - Champagne
*NYX Single Eyeshadow - WildFlower
*L'oreal HIP Metallic Shadow Duo - Sculpted
*Indelible Gel Liner - Tanzanite
*Indelible Gel Liner = Black Out
*CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara

First, I applied Two face Shadow Insurance all over my eyelid and lower lash line
Then, I applied NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage cheese on the inner corners of my eyes; IcedMocha on the outer 3rd of my eyelid and Yogurt in the middle.
This is what it looks like. The Jumbo Pencils intensifies my eyeshadow colors better than the Shadow insurance alone.

Next, I applied NYX Single Eyeshadow in WildFlower in inner half of my eyelid and the Pink shade from the L'oreal Sculpted duo on the outer half.

Finally, I applied Everyday Minerals Champagne on the inner corners as a highlight. Cottage Cheese does a fantastic job holding eyeshadow in that area. My inner highlights always disappear after a short while but with cottage cheese as a base it lasts all day.

Apply The darker purple shade in the Lo'real hip sculpted duo on the outer V;slightly into the crease and on the outer half of my lower lash line.
Finish with eyeliner, Black out on top and tanzanite at the bottom.


Before I post my Final Picture on how the how the whole look looks like. Here's my horrifying Before and After foundation picture.

Products Used (Face)
* Everyday Minerals Mint Concealer (to correct redness)
* Everyday Minerals Peach Corrector +Pearl Sunlight (for undereye circles)
* Earthern Glow Minerals Concealer in Cornnie (for everything else)
* Everyday Minerals Pressed Powder in Golden Medium
*Maybelline Studio Mousse Blush in 02 Peach Satin
*Everyday Minerals Light Peach Face Color (as highlight)
* TKB Trading my own lend of Zinc Oxide Silica Microspheres and Mica for Finishing Powder.
This lightens my foundation a little because Golden Medium is a little too dark.

First picture: bare moisturized face. I am having a case of breakout cos I've been sleeping late watching dramas and dvds :S
2nd Picture: With concealers.
3rd Picture: Full face with foundation, blush highlight and contour. Face Of the DAY!
Another picture.
Now you all know why I love makeup :D

Makeup makes a HUGE difference! I didn't even have to mask my face with powder. EDM is my favourite face product brand ever. I never liked makeup as much before I found Everyday Minerals because of my picky skin. Even High end makeup does not give me the kind of finish that EDM does. Even though EDM does not last the whole day and can rub off during the day unlike commercial makeup, my skin became a lot better after making the switch to mineral makeup. My face is not oily anymore, it's the best makeup I can wear for my dehydrated and sensitive skin.

This is how it looks when I'm back home 6 hours later. The eyeshadow is actually very pink, I think this picture shows the pink better.

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Monday, July 06, 2009
9:42 PM
Haul : Everyday Minerals + Skincare

There's the big discussion on everyday minerals forum that the Super custom kit will be dis continued due to this this and that that. However the items that I wanted the most, Pressed Blushes, were all not available because they were changing their formulations. In the end, I only end up getting up getting 5 items from my supposed "last" everyday minerals super custom kit haul.

I got 1 eye kabuki brush, 2 Pressed Golden Medium Foundation, 1 Pressed Bronzer and 1 Pressed sandcastle eyeshadow palette.

I was so BUMMED that I couldn't find anything else that interest me to order because EDM wanted to discontinue the Super Custom kit, which is a great deal compared to paying full price for the items. (not that they are not worth it of course)
Everything is well now, they've decided not to discontinue the kit because of his popularity. It was a good deal at USD50 for 12 full size items. Everyday Minerals have been my favourite favourite, Holy Grail foundation ever since I start using it. I'll do a better review between my foundations on a separate post because I LOVE everyday minerals so much, a couple of lines is not giving the product any justice.
All in all, I am glad that I decided not to be foolish enough to get backups of backups of backups....(you get the point) of my foundation and brushes when the news was out that EDM will discontinue the kit. Now I am just looking forward to their new website and new items, kits, re-release of the pressed blushes. To be honest, EDMs foundation is way better, way way WAY better than any other (high end and drugstore brand) foundation I've tried. The finish is even better than BB creams. So even if I have to pay full price for the items, I will.

I love their new Sample container caps. They are much cuter in real because 5g jars are quite small.

Skin care Haul from Best Buy Cosmetics. (http://www.bbcosme.com/)
This is a Singapore based, online skincare/makeup retailer. They sell samples and testers in bulk and loose. They do sell full size items too, at a much lower price than retail. However, don't expect a full range of items, the collection is pretty random IMO. But most of the more popular items are there, though you might not find newly released items.

My SKII Facial treatment Cleanser is finishing soon, so I thought I'll give them a try. I also needed another moisturiser, because my Garden of Wisdom moisturising gel is finishing.
I bought :
6x 20g Facial Treatment Cleanser (SGD30) - the same amt of product retails for at least SGD70
6x 5g Shu Uemura Depsea Moisture Essence (SGD36)

These are all samples, Sold in Packs.
Initial thoughts on this essence/moisturizer are great. I only got this because I wanted to qualify for the Free delivery with SGD50 purchase. I've yet to do any research about this product, so I'm still nto sure if I should use it as an essence before moisturiser or as a moisturiser itself.
I used this after my Facial Treatment Essence and Garden Of Wisdom HA serum+hydrosol. I didn't moisturise anymore after that. My skin felt nice a supple. There's no sticky residue after the product sink in; doesn't leave any nasty film or shine. I still don't know how it does in the long run, so we'll see about that.

If you click on this picture the manufacturing date should be visible. These were manufactured in March 09. So the product is considerable "fresh". I'm glad that they dont sell old stock or to-be-expired products. Since these are for my own use, It doesn't really matter if I don't have a nice full size bottle as long as the products themselves are authentic. They are, like more around 50% off, who can resist?

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