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Friday, December 02, 2005
1:54 AM
Prom Nite - Class of 2005

Dear blog,
just now was my prom night. Actually yesterday, since now is already the early morning of 2nd December.
It was quite fun. at first i tot the event was gonna be very boring.It was only eating and listening and boring games. But the food was nice. The blueberry cake was superb and the fish, chicken, mutton and even fruits were very nice. So, by the time some people just sat down with their food ( its a buffet) i already finished mine.One of the games is the one where they ask u questions but u cant ans yes or no ( cannot nod or shake your head ,keep quiet) we were divided into two teams. well totally of 8 people from each team were chosen. BUT none could finish the game that last 1min. some made the mistake at the 1st questions by answering like "yes, my favourite color is blablabla". -_-" . maybe its really v diffcult? coz the person ask the questions v fast
anyway, the fun part of prom was dancing. Some professor donated two portable disco balls , so we had a temporary dance floor and disco lights. nice and upbeat music too. me, Vicky, charmaine, shufen and some other of my classmates dance until our feet were sore. at t"he "2nd" sesson of our dancing, they end up dancing bare footed. lolz. in the middle we went to take photos with our class ppl. Probably coz the room was so dark that u cant see each other's face properly tt i found it more.. relaxing. The Dj was also v nice. He played live for us. 1st he sang the "we will rock u" song. later he played some songs on his electric guitar for us. and he said we were a very nice bunch of audience!.. haha... den in the end, he sand and played auld lang syne for us. its quite sad, coz I'm nv going to see all those faces together again.
we also got a key chain with "BPGHS class of 2005" engraved on it. v nice. good for keep sake.anyway, I'm v tired now. too tired to type a longer entry. so prom's details will be kept at memories... bye! enjoy your prom if its coming up soon too :)




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