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Monday, December 26, 2005
11:48 PM
my job

Dear blog,
I went for the job interview. which didn really serve any purpose actually. we were all, accepted. Since we're dere as casual labours, i think they can do with any amount. Anyway, there was a huge setback during my attempts to go for the interview. at 1st me andyang went to shangrila but somehow they said there's no interview in that time slot. *watever* den the nex day i went to Grand copthorne and someHOW, their interview days changed from tuesday to wednsday and friday. So i went on wednesday. However, after filling out the form and everything, we waited close to 1hr 30 mins coz the manager was in a meeting. BUT, the thing is we got sent home, coz we ( vicky and me ) were told tt the manager wunt b out til after 5pm. By that time the human resource department ll be closed. SO = interview not possible. -_-". it was until i went on friday den i got interviewed. But cant start working coz need to go training first( whichw as conducted by brandon). Brandon was v nice. friendly.it was on thurday next week. :S blahs, so i wasted quite some time.

anyway firstday of work, i was lucky, and not so lucky at the same time. Lucky coz i got to work at a buffet instead of the usual chinese dinner. So a lot lesser work to do. Its realli good coz i need to get use to things first. BUT i got chosen to be one of the cocktail ppl. :S which means standing outside the ballroom for 1 hr, holding a round tray with drinks. Why the glasses haf to be made of glass? and not plastic? OOH, and i reali curse those who say "no, thank you". i rather not get the thank you and just "take a freaking glass!".... SOoo, guys, now u noe that waitress need to b pitied. Even if u dont need the drink, take one. also, the in charge was mohan, which everyoen said was not nice. i dono realli, but can see he's not the friendly kind. Everything after that was fine. During Ot, i was called to do something else. coz normally OT we do cleaning up and table setting for nex day's events. But half way i got called , to sort out napkins and table cloths, ALL by myselF outside the ball room. while all others are together. -_-" v sian u noe. oni me alone.

anyway , second day of work was also super lucky. I got assigned one to one ( table) . BUt my table end up being the reserved one. *hahahaha* which means, technically, i got nothing to do .. of course the manager ( dono wad to call him) the smaller one i guess, was not so gd to let me do nothing. ask me to assist some two guys with their 3 tables. but i end up mostly beign drinks server. coz i didn realli noe how to serve. i think i oni served 3 dishes. lolz... so tt day was quite a breeze.
on the 3rd day of work, i was also assigned to the fourth floor. I was oni assigned to the 2nd floor on the 1st day. after that was the 4th floor. The in charge was adrian and.... some one else. cant remember the name. anyway i was also assigned to one table. but i had 2 parthners beside me. so we were sort of supposed to help each other. tis time i finally got to serve a whoel table. not that i'm glad. my table was reserve also, but unfortunatly its filled up. anyway, i spilt the tea while i was serving. I was told not supposed to take the tea cup up to refill. I was to just stick my hand and tea jug in and pour while its on the table. SO , i was very stupid. i didn pour tea like that before and didn control the water flow. So the tea overflowed when i just tilted the jug a LITTLE bit!. got. i think 20cm squared of the table cloth was wet. PLUS the little sitting beside sticked her hand out and . got her hand wet. i don think it scalded her coz the tea was oni warm. oooh GOD!. anyway adrian saw me takign a napkin of ice and asked me wad happened. blablabla... in other words i proof myself to be stupid on the 1st day i actually tended a table. Actually i didn tend to it myself. coz got tis nice malay guy. 21 yrs old. ( but he totally looked 18) he was drinks server for the VIP tables. he helped me a lot. carried a coupel of over trays for me and served a couple of dishes for me ( theres oni total of 9 by the way :P). OT that day was oso weird. Adrian , somehow also seemed to think the same way as jun wei ( on of the coordinaters on my 1st day of work) . some how they think i work better alone? he todl me to go sort the menues instead of staying in the ballroom to do table settings -_-".

anyway, the 4th day of workw as realli more, er, killer? coz i got to serve the VIP table! ARGh.... and its supposed to be the wedding of some middle class big shot. haha. coz another vip table was for soem minister and the family. o.O i was serving the bride's family. but the thing is, 1st i oni worked 3 times. AND no experiance of tending a table BY mySELF for the whole evening. 2nd, the in charge was adrian. who knew of my big mishap of the tea the previous time. so how coem he ask me to do vip table -_-"""" anyway yang todl me after i left to change ( into black jacket coz serve VIP table) . he told he rest that "if you'll show me u can do it, i ll let u serve the VIP tables"... so..... anyone see a connection here? coz i totally didnt, and still dont.there were a lot dere who were a lot more experianced than me...AND adrian must coem and scare me with "if u make one mistake , i ban u".. -_-" i'm not realli scared of the banning part. i'm scared of upsettign the guest and gettign scolding. i HATE it when ppl scold me. Coz, after that i cant sleep properly. its like i.. how to say ar.. "dui bu qi" some ppl. anyway, i was assigned to be the usherer(?) in the ball room, so show ppl to thir tables. i was quite lucky coz oni 1st day i got the cocktail job. other days i was usherer. how do u spell tis word anyway? . so during this .. hahaha..... i was complimented. flies to the sky* brandon, the guy who was incharge of my training, was also at teh door to tend to stand by. he said " ni de yan jing hen mei". hohoho.. my 30mins of wasted sleep time on make up was not so wasted after all. lol.. but realli, i'm not givign excuse. in the vallroom, if i dont put a bit of make up, like eye liner . i look like ghost. the lights were dim den my face like ghost. my skin look orangy yellow, thanks to the lighting. :S

so, during the dinner, thngs were quite smooth, compared to pervious working experiances. :P. but i was v slow. VIP tables were supposed to be faster than the others. everytiem i see adrian's face, he was saying "faster faster". another uncle serving the vip table also keep saying "faster , faster" to me. i think 4 of the dishes i didn portion myself. coz i was "too slow" and i oni went in the kitchen to take dishes to serve a couple of times. coz i was "too slow" :S . but its realli v rush!. i mean coz i cant carry the big over tray. so every dish i had to rush in and out of the kitchen about 4 tiems, to clear plates and to get drinks. i totally, had no enough time. a guy from donow here helped me portion once, the fish, adrian helped me twice .. or two and a half times. haha..den when he was portioning the noodles, i toppled one bowl when trying to put it on the tray. lucky for VIP tables we portion at the side instead of in front of the guests. and he keep saying "how much pay u want me to deduct" and "u tell me wat u cant do la" .. liew, he say me until i was so... discouraged. coz i was very *slow* . But i really felt that i was SO fast and SO rushing already. keep saying "u serve so slow, take bowl oso can topple, cannto carry over tray. u tell me wad u can do?" -_-" worse lo, in the end he say "i think u go and "mai xiao" la. most easy" -_-"""""""" i'm not sure, i took tt as an insult. he lucky he oni joking sia, if not i punch his face. :S haha.. i mean its his fault wad. who ask him to ask a newbie to serve VIP table. .. although vip table easier so serve, coz no need to portion on front of guest, so no nedd worry portion until not nice. And usually got drinks server when dere's enough ppl to help. But if got mistakes when we serve den die la. i think i prefer to serve normal table. .. actually its not for me to choose . lolz...

well, tis entry is all about my work. coz nowadays not much in my life oso. But today went toapayo with chuan. i was so tired the whole day. i htink coz the past few days not enough sleep. must get back my srength by saturday, coz i need to work. didn actually buy anything at toapayo. saw a bag that i like. its v cheap. but dono y didn feel like buying :S. i sort of, wanna save money to go make my hair. i wanna highlight it with dark blonde or dark brown. to give mroe texture. but i was v troubled if i should go perm my hair. i realli like the ceramic perm and japanese perms. :S but if i do tt and highlighting and treatment. i dono if $300 is enough. :S. gosh... my mom said i shouldn, coz in sg we wash hair everyday, the curls ll get wash out faster. And it ll spoil my hair. ... but i sooo. wanna b rid of straight black hair..i noe i might miss my straight haif if i perm it.. charmaine they all always say my hair v nice alrdy, ask me dont complain. i noe its considered to be quite good for normal hair. but i wanna be more.... style? pretty? . i dono, mayb i'll just highlight it and decide anythign else afterwards.. watever :S.
i'm realli tired n ow, need to sleep. nite~ :)



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