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Sunday, September 25, 2005
2:13 AM
shaa.. la la la la...~!

Dear blog,
YAY! 2nd entry within 3 days.~ so, as u can see i changed my layout! haha.. i actually like the endless moments layout a lot. But. i just cant wait to put up my series up.I didn have the codes for them ready yet. But dont think i'll need them coz i wunt be using most of them. And nobody's gonna ask to use my layout anyway. lolz. so i tot i'll save myself the trouble. Budden, the number of codes i have ( for the layouts) will be different from the number of pictures i have. :S i think tt does matter coz the codes of used layouts are for my personal collection..Ok, enough abt the layout, most of wad i wanna say abt layouts is already on the opening page, if u DiDN see that. Refresh this page instantly! lolz. coz i spent more time doing tt than this update.
so Anyway, 2day went out, watched "the Myth".. Nice show, a bit lame. no actually Very lame. But i still like it. Its got a bit of the sense of fantasy in it.But i dont like the ending. I always only like shows with Super happy endings. This one i thnk the heroine , should be, died in the stupid "no gravity" world.(sorry, no explanation for those who didn watch :P). But, its kind of good she didn end up together with her lover. Coz it ll be weird seeing how jacky chan is so much older than her (dono her name), the korean actress. I tink chinese is "Jin Xi Shan", if i'm nt wrong.
Ooh, the most important thing for today is, i bought the shoes! i said in my wishlist. Vicky and charmaine ll noe which one i'm toking abt. I was constantly asking them if i should buy it. Coz i oni Just save some $$ , and if i buy it, i ll be half-of-my-savings short. I just could NOT resist, especially when I'm already in the same BUilding as the shoes!. And when i stepped InTo the shop, I'm Breathing the same air as the leather of the shoes! hahaha...ok, tts a bit too much. Despite the excitement, NO living person i noe, who also saw the shoes, agreed with me tt is nice. They all either said its "ok lor" , "i dont like this kinda shoes" . I noe guys, u all are just being polite. I means it's oni 1cm awy from saying its ugly. *ArRgGh* . BUT, i didn regret. Becoz the spirit of the shoes had been haunting me since the day i saw it. :)

that's all for today, which was a wasted day. I'll try to start my revision 2molo. If not i'll at elast arrange out the things i need for revision properly. Nite! ( wow its 2+ am!!!)


Thursday, September 22, 2005
10:49 PM
down into hell

dear blog,
I am sick. since, well, the day before. today see to be more serious. or mayb its coz i keep taking panadol tt oni til now i haf slight fever. i feel terrible. i cant even breathe through my nose properly. I have to blow my nose every, like 1 min. and i keep on sneezing. shit. i Always get sick after exams. aft mid yr i got runny nose oso. nth serious. after last yr end-of-yr exams i was oso sick. damn...*


Friday, September 16, 2005
11:40 PM
soooo now what?

Dear diary,

here"s my new layout~. Its called Endless Moments, hence the words on the top left. Tts credit for the artist coz i 4got her web page address. But den again, i always for get to take down the address of the artists i take pics from. I've a feeling one they they all ll come after me and make my life hell coz i manipulated their pictures. haha... nvm not funny..

Today didn go sch coz i nt taking the chinese paper. Actually said yesterday nite start on m chemistry revision, but until now ( one day later) i have done ZERO revision. And when i say i did Zero, it's really zero. I didn do any revision since apart frm some worksheet ms chow gave. And even that i didn do the final two exercises. I just noe i ll be doomed. Anyway i noe my physics gonna do badly, I'm prayign not to fail. I should take gods if i even get a C. blahz... OOOH, u noe smthing, I messed up my Social Studies paper BIG time. Never in my life did i mess ANY humanities paper to badly b4. The source-based qns were diffcult. dono how to say. DEN the worse is, my part a essay was cut short. AND the part B, i wrote a 5min essay. REALLy 5 mins. 13 MARKS!!!! i think i'm gonna get 1 mark for that, mayb the teacher ll pity me and give me 2. BUT i screwed that up.. I really never experianced nt finishing a paper that badly..*sigh* .. crap, all the papers were bad. I really lack the revision. I'm quite certain my prelim L1R5 nt gonna get me into any JC for 1st 3 mths. That pretty obvious. Coz i felt i did worse den mid yr, ad wad did i get ? 26... and prelims are more diffcult. ARGH. AND i didn screw up my mid yr Social Studies paper! Gosh*** i'm feeling all worked up again...anyway i haf 3 papers left. Prelims officially over for me on tues. tts my last paper.Coz i'm nt taking the Amaths one on wednesday *dah* .yeeeek, I'm breaking out in cold sweat thinking about the coming 12th night paper. WHY, does shakespear had to exist??? ok, no i take that back. Coz i really like his works. - WHY do we have to study his work??- I mean i already REALLY appreciate his work. although i dont understand the original versions.. hahaha... BUT thats what translators are for. WHY do i haf to learn how to TAKE awy ppl's job??!! *sigh* i am sooo dead.. I'm always complaining about how dead i am on my blog.

So anyway, awy frm school. These few days were uneventful. Thursday i bought some lil trinklets ( ok not really trinklets) and stationary. I bought 4 highlighters, blue,orange,purple and pink ( same brand! so same appearance, hence the need to buy so many of them ). i actually intended to buy only too for preparing notes for the Os. but even up buying all four. I left out the neon yelloe and green. No matter how i like yellow and green on my clothes, i just cant take the color on highlighers. when i was younger, this boy that lived with my family ( tt time we chared a flat with another family) , which i really was and am not very fond of, told me green is the color of spirits and tts why HE ADORED the color. ever since i have been hatign green. That is until tt color sort of came into fashion and vicky and company said i look nice in tt color. :S Thus the conclusion "Vicole is easily manipulated, as long as u say she looks good" .. lolz... ok not funny ( again)
back to my update. I also bought 2 haribo sweets, sour version at more than words. I ate too much of the original one that i cant even bring myself to put one into my mouth now.. Den i also treat myself to some elastic bands for my hair. That is where i went wrong, coz i needed, ok WANTED , to buy hair clips. (The kind u clip horizontally) I always liked tt kind but my hair was too short to look nice in it last time ( at least in my opinion). BUT, u probably guessed, i DIDN buy them. i FORgot and got myself something i dont need. hai..Very long since i spent money already. I've saved $50 since i used up my previous savings to buy contacts about 2 weeks ago. I tink i wunt use it, I need to save that for After Os shopping and a dress for prom. I doubt i have time to make or at least alter my own one. SO i better save more to buy a fitting one. ARgh.. i tink too much , i mean prelims are not over yet..anyway, today i went NTUC (i noe its a bad place to satify my hunger for shopping) , bought some garlic bread and fries so i can fill my stomach at home. And also bought a can of Master potato chips. Pringles sux nowadays. It used to be more taste. a mth b4 eating pringles ( sour cream & onion) was like eating salt. Now, the chips got smaller and thinner and sometimes u dont even taste the "sour cream & onion".Last time i like to eat teh seaweed potato chips"( i think frm calbee) also become more salty now. ANd seaweed flavour that is too salty sux. ok back to my purchases. I also bought some campbell soup and mushrooms. AND i finally got to buy sweet thai chilli. my mom Never buys tt sauce and i Always forget to buy when i go ntuc myself.

hmmm, finaly touch.. i am so EXCITED! got shufen gonna lend me the "da changjin" vcds so i dont haf to watch the patetic 45mins that only comes everyday and stops at frustratign places. AND i think me vicky and co. are gona go charmine's hse to watch vcds of soem shows we missed coz of the prelims.. :D but b4 that , i NOE i need to work hard for my remaining papers. *SIGHH!!* i will i will, i dont wanna get 30 pts for L1R5 although i noe its gonna be that or at least near it. :S BUT actually its a good thing, if i cannot go to 1st 3 mths, i can stay in china until Feb ends nex yr!! which means more time w/o my mom and brother. Hahaz, no need to keep hearing " All thanks to the powerpuff girls!" and "birrrrrrd-man" when i'm tryign to sleep at night.And lots of sleeping, shopping, skating (on frozen lakes),manicures etc etc..actually thats how i planned life aft Os for tt period beFORE they decided to TAKE awy the decision to cancel 1st 3 mths earlier in the year. mayb i wouldn stay so long there even if i could, I mean your days become really dry and i become very pessimistic during mens cramps when its snowing and freezing. oooh, and i NOE peope will MISS me adn my irritating attitude... hehehe.. haiya, i should stop dreaming coz it will be 1/4 of a year b4 any of that comes into play :S...

i'll stop here. Its a pretty long entry, so it should make up for the lack-of-upadates. :)


Wednesday, September 14, 2005
1:36 PM
ma MAaah, Mia~!

Dear blog,

Prelims? wtf are they? oh well, i dont know and i cant b bothered.

if only its that easy

p.s. nex update comes with a vicole's special! new layout~! haha...