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Saturday, June 25, 2005
8:03 PM
Going on my last journey

Dear blog,
I am REALLI on my last journey. I haf tonSSSSs of hw left. hahaha, and i didn do ANY revision? i totally forgot abt the LITTLE bit of info on radioactivity i manage to learn during isp. And i didn do any revision for CHEM ! and EMATHS oso!. this who holiday i realli wasted it. :S BUT it was REALLY a holiday. rot at hoem most of the time, i go to sleep after 3am each day. wake up around noon, eat, watch tv and sleep. Night time le wake up and cook/buy food, and watch tv again. den sleep. DIdn even onlien that much. any free time i got, i spent on the game. Magic, the gathering, battleground. i think thats wad its called, along that lines. Its NICE. I mnean u can create characters, choose their faces and powers. JUST my thing. But smtimes v diffcult to play. nvm that....
i only finish the eng situational writign now. maths and science all half half one. all teh graph/drawing qns i nv do. :S still gt some i dono hwo to do one. Sian lahz. sch gonna reopen!. den my oral coming up le. so Stupid! nex tues gt the opera thingy rite. den the very NEXT day is Os oral -_-""""""".... I hope i dont stutter when it comes to the conversation part. i Always do that. den i ll forget certain words. the most stupid time was when i forgot hwo to say "nervous" in chinese.! liewz..i remember i was just like staring at the teacher with my mouth open. like a goldfish, den no words come out.. ok i'm done complaining...

BUT, i am so hurt! no one noticed i changed the poem at the start! :( I have to say its not "easily accessible" . because once u click to see the blog/chatterbox/links den cannot go back to the front part of the poem le. i think most ppl oso nv go n see the poem, jump straight to the tag board. haha... nvm i see wad i can do about this in my nex layout. I think i ll stick to this pop-up layout for the time being. Coz its very ig job to switch back to the "one page" layouts now.... ok bb~~!



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