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SkinType: Dehydrated Combi,
EverydayMinerals(O.Glow): Light Almond/Fawn 1:2) SilkNaturals : 4Yellow:3ButteryYellow:25MediumIvory:2GlowBase:Pinch of GreenColorCorrector
MakeupForever HD :#120
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation :004 Nude
Maybelline Superstay 24hr Makeup : Sand Beige
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation : 52 Vanilla
Bourjois 10hr Sleep Effect :72 Rose Clair
RimmelLastingFinish :200 Soft Beige
CoastalScents Undercover HD : ST-04

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Thursday, May 28, 2009
1:05 PM
Blog Post : Re : Omnivores

Disclaimer : I am not promoting animal cruelty OR promoting meat eating.
I am NOT discriminating against anybody's belief. This is my blog,the title is stated as BLOG POST. You can eat or don't eat anything you want. It is also your freedom to stand up for, and to fight for causes you stand by.
This is also true for me, so do not penalize me because i think differently or have a different belief.

Do you eat
- Pork?
- Beef?
- Mutton?
- Lamb?
- Chicken?
- fish?
- prawns?

What about
- Quill?
- Pigeon?
- Turtle? (the small ones Chinese medical halls have)
- snake?
- scorpions?
- insects? (think exotic Taiwanese food)

- rabbit meat?
- Dog Meat?
- what more is there? eating your own umbilical cord and what membrane there is left after childbirth?

I'm sure anyone who reads this will cringe at at least one on the list above.
But as yourself why. .
Why do u not cringe at chicken but do at the rabbit meat?
why do u hate people who eat dog meat but not those who eat pork?

Other than the reasons like
- the whole world is eating, its normal
- pork is a food meat, pigs are meant to be eaten.
- rabbits and dogs are supposed to be pets!

Do not visit the link or view the videos if u do not have a strong stomach.

Below contains my own thoughts and beliefs. Do not read if you tend to over react.

Life isn't fair. No matter how we are disgusted by people who possibly hurt/kill a white tiger, Nobody will be sentenced to death if he killed one.
But not so, if it's the other way round. Read below.

A little bit about my Origin. I came from china. My family and I moved to Singapore when i was 6 years old. My brother, now 9 years old was born in Singapore.
Now Chinese people are notorious for eating some of the most unbelievable and unacceptable stuff, according to the rest of the world. So maybe that explains a bit of the content that follows now. Life back in china when i was little was very poor. Even with both parents working as professional architects we hardly earn enough. My parents couldn't afford to buy me new clothes so my mom makes almost everything I wore.
Now, We didn't starve or anything, life was just difficult. But everyone's life is difficult like that and we all lived. It is unbelievable and incomparable to the life my uncles and aunties live now in china because it is much better now. They can afford nice apartments, buy branded clothing etc etc. Whats the point of saying these?

DO u know that Dog meat is a Korean delicacy? It indeed, did not originate from the Chinese. Before you pass out.These are not the pet dogs who sleeps on your bed every night. They are a species of big "yellow dogs" (that's what they call them) breed and kept the same way pigs are in pig farms. Now people still are unable to accept this and insists that pigs and dogs are different , so dogs are not meant for eating.

Have you read the PETA.org's front page links?
"Animals are not ours to eat"

If you stand up to people who eat dog meat, why did you not stand up for people who eat MEAT, any meat in general? Why is it that nobody (correct me if i am wrong) is fighting for rights for Fish? Tuna? Sardine?
Do fish not feel pain just because we cannot hear them?Or do they REALLY not feel pain at all. According to scientific explanations, plants do not feel pain. Lets trust that 1000 years later they do not say other wise. Or else there will be nothing left for us to eat "right"

I love dogs, cats, rabbits and love to keep them as pets. But everyone in my house has nose allergy and cant take furry things. But you wont see me protesting naked for animal rights.
Neither will I give up my love of steak and pork dumplings after viewing disturbing videos. TRUE, yes they are true. And i hate those farm workers who hit and torture the animals as they like, even if they are meant for consumption. It just shows that those people are sick in the mind and feel imbalanced somehow, thus they need to vent it out. Unfortunate animals.

But hey, I am ashamed for speaking like that. Because I am not giving up my meat. I am not giving up fish, chicken, beef, pork because there are people somewhere in the world who feels like hitting the pigs in the farm. Aren't I, in a way encouraging them? If one day I really care so much about pigs and cows so much that I turn vegan, the I would hold my head up high and bash all those people, at least with my words.

Having said that, we are talking about Animal cruelty. NOT "cats,dogs,rabbit cruelty". Do not kill me for not taking meat eaters seriously when they cringe and criticize people who eat rabbits and dogs. Why do they do that? Sometimes i really wonder.
Is it because pigs , cows and chickens are not adorable or cute or furry like rabbits and dogs?
Is it because pigs are dirty and dogs can look at you with those puppy eyes?

I guess if we don't have total human equality, we cant have "animal equality" either isn't it. I would not say " we all are" , but I will say (IN MY OPINION), we are just victims of the rights and wrongs determined by the society for thinking like that. If one day I were to go strong against animal cruelty, I'll stand up for every chicken as I would for every cute house pets there are. Right now, I do feel I do not have the right to criticize.

My family don't cringe at eating rabbit, pigeon or even dog meat. I get many stares and unbelievable criticisms when I said I've tried dog meat before. Nope, i don't like it. The same way I don't like mutton and lamb. I don't eat because i don't like it. People keeps certain species of pigs as pets too, does that make u not want to eat pork (if u already do). I can keep one as pet and i will still be eating pork. I can keep a dog as pet, I can love my pet to bits, but I will not be staring and scolding my mom if she's eating dog meat at a restaurant.

Does this make sense? We think its ok to eat, because half the world is eating, We don'y think its ok to eat, because half the world is NOT eating. I may be wrong, at least it feels this way to me.
I can safely say that I feel more strongly towards animal cruelty than people who stick me down for even putting dog meat into my mouth. So what are we talking about here?
Strong animal right promoters would probably stick you down if u eat just chicken.

I don't see a SIGNIFICANT difference.
If we are to embrace natural beauty, and not to go for plastic surgery to get the desired beauty of this century. I guess I should succumb to the nasty stares my friends would give my family for eating dog meat. Probably 10000 years later, it would be a common sight. Or maybe by then, we would all be vegans.

The minority gets bashed, which ever topic or subject it may be.

now, pardon me for my 2cents worth, or however much you think these word are worth.

*side note*
if you think everyone or every product coming out of china is bad, it just shows how much your opinions are worth. I'm not speaking because my origins are there. It is because those are just narrow thoughts. You have the right to express that opinion, I have every right to oppose.
I do not want to offend anyone. China wins for the most number of badly produced goods with horrible ingredients. That doesn't mean other countries don't have such bad eggs, We just have to be vigilant over all. Even if a product is made in Europe are you sure none of the ingredients or packaging originated from china? I'm not scaring anyone. there is no home with not even 1 made in china product. But we don't get sick or terrified because we know what to look out for. And it is definitely not JUST the country of origin.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009
4:41 PM
Review: Revlon ColorStay w/ Soft Flex Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin

Product: Revlon ColorStay Foundation with SoftFlex SPF6 , Combination/Oily Skin
Where to Get it: Any major Drugstore in Singapore Or at drugstore.com
Price: 4 /5 (SGD27.90 in any major local drugstore or around USD13 before shipping @ drugstore.com)
Quality: 4/5
Color Selection: 2.5 /5 (if u are getting it in SG there's only 5 shades) 4/5 (if you are getting it online)
Repurchase: Yes (although one is going to last me a long time)
My Shade : Closest yet is "Sand Beige"
I got two shades, one in Sand Beige and one in Golden Beige, the latter is not available locally. In Singapore we only get 5 shades. They are "Nude", "Sand Beige" , "Warm Gold" "Early Tan" , "Toast". I would say that if they could only select 5 shades, those 5 are really good choices for Asian skin tones. I believe most Asians usually belong to the "Golden" , "Yellow" or "olive" category.
Singapore does not carry the Revlon Color Stay foundation in "normal/dry " skin formula. This is only available online for sg peeps. I saw reviews on makeupalley that the color differs from the oily/combi formula to the normal/dry formula. So do look out for that.

First of all, Revlon ColorStay foundation is a FULL COVERAGE Foundation. If you are not looking for full coverage, stay away.
This foundation is not photogenic. IF you take pictures with flash, expect your face to have a white cast that looks like your foundation is 4 shades too light. Even though it looks perfect in real life.

I have not come across one full coverage foundation that does not look cakey or fake yet. I still, firmly believe that no full coverage foundation can look as natural as a sheer coverage foundation. So I think we got to be fair when we are comparing these things. IT is easy to go overboard with this foundation, a little goes a long way. It might be considered to be difficult to blend for some people. If you apply too much of this, it will seriously look like face paint rather than foundation. I have experimented with a couple of ways to apply this.

Application :
I've tried applying this with fingers, stippling brush, sponge, damp sponge and those flat looking foundation brushes.
Applying with fingers created an absolute mess.. I DO NOT recommend it at all.
A sponge works fine, although sometimes it might just deposit too much product on your face. IF you are using a damn sponge, please remember to make sure it is Slightly damp. I once had a sponge that was too damp and it gave me patchy foundation. I like the application with a stipplign brush best because it gives me an even coverage and does not give me streaks as my foundaiton brush tends too. Also, i like to think that stippling brushes are more gentle on the skin as compared to those flat foundation brushes that you have to drag across your skin.
I do recommend only applying one layer, anything more than gives a finish that is too cakey and unnatural, at least for me.
If you do not have brushes or do not want to invest in one, at least settle for the sponge. Application for this foundation is crucial. It will define whether you are going to hate or like this product.

I am, personally,not used to wearing full coverage foundations. Thus I have tried mixing the colorstay foundation with other products to thin it up.
I've tried, gel based moisturiser, damp brush w/ hydrosol and the one i like best is a mix with Eyeko's 3 in 1 cream.
Read more about The eyeko cream @ http://msfrenchfries.blogspot.com/search/label/eyeko

I've always been using Everydayminerals' Base in Original Glow, so i am more or less, used to the natural glow look as compared to a matte one. Matte foundation just seemt o emphasizes all my imperfections. I use a 50/50 mix of Revlon Colorstay with Eyeko 3 in 1 cream. They are a bit difficult to mix because the eyeko cream is quite thick. Do mix it on a plastic cover or mixing bowl, anything that you usually pour your foundation on before application.

The shade i am using is Sand Beige, but it is not yellow and Olive enough for me. Thus I have added "Harvest Yellow Oxide" and "Chromium Green Oxide" into a small portion and placed it in a small jar to use. I got my oxides from tkbtrading.com.
Here's a picture of how the foundation looks on my skin with my personalized mix. The coverage is still very good despite me mixing so much eyeko cream. NO concealer was used.
(its a picture from my previous FOTD :P)

You can see the bump on my cheek. Thats an angry small headless pimple. Those little things are very red and see how well colorstay covered it :)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009
6:47 PM
FOTD : Emerald Greens / I'm am still alive and kicking

The reason why i have been missing in action is because my camera's memory card is not with me, so i cant take any pictures. My mom took it to use and without the card i can only take 2 pics at a time, so it's pretty irritating.
I have a couple of mini hauls and a handful of reviews to do but they are not up here yet because pictures taken wiht my handphone is just, horrible. To keep this blog alive, I've decided to scare everyone with a FOTD.
I'm really not used to taking pics this way, please mind the awkward picture angels :). I hope the quality is not too poor.
The first two pictures seem to wash out the colors. The last pic shows the colours better.
I didn't even use concealer Revlon Color stay indeed has amazing coverage, even after i added moisturiser and Eyeko cream to it. *thumbs up!*

Products used

* Revlon Color Stay mixed with Eyeko 3 in 1 cream untinted. (My original color stay shade is Sand Beige, But i've added oxides to it so that it matches my color better)
* NYX Mosaic Blush in Peachy
* Silica Microspheres frm TKB Trading
* Too Faced Shadow Insurance (I will do a comparison btw this and UDPP and TKB's primer)
*NYX Single Eyeshadow in Luster
*NYX Single Eyeshadow in Vanilla Sky (highlight)
*TKB pigment in Sage Green
*TKB pigment in Cyprus Green
*L'oreal HIP duo in GunMetal (the darker shade in the crease)
* CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof mascara in Very Black

Lips (not shown in picture)
*Egyptian Magic (as a lipbalm)
*NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Almond

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Friday, May 01, 2009
5:08 AM
Review: Gel Eyeliners (Coastal Scents Gel Liners)

**(please bare with the pictures becausei don't have my camera with me, so my phone's camera is extra lousy)**
Product: Gel EyeLiners (Refer to Coastalscents.com)
Origin : CoastalSents.com , Ebay (i got them from ebay, you can leave a tag/email me if you want to know which seller i got mine from)
Price: 5/5 , USD3.98 - USD6.95 (depending where you get them from)
Quality : 2 /5 (as a gel liner) , 5/5 ( as CREAM Eyeshadow!)
Color Selection: 4/5
Repurchase?: Definitely! i want to get more colors already. They quantity of each jar is way more than that of MAC/indelible/KATE/maybelline gel liners

These worked wonderfully as cream shadows. However, they arent as waterproof as our KATE or M.A.D minerals's indelibel gel liners, Or MAC FluidLine. But if you dont rub your eye or tear up, they stay up fine.

Quality : First of all, these are all very pigmented. However I'd say the matte ones are more pigmented than the satin/shimmery colors. They did not crease of flake on my eyelids when i used them as cream shadows. Because of these, i did not need to use a primer at all because the colors were intense enough and they didn't crease on their own anyway.
They don't transfer onto clothes/my fingers. I have no idea why they just didn't work as eyeliners for me because they really stay put as cream shadows.

Texture wise, these are very creamy and blends so easily. These are softer than MAC and indelible gel liners. They are somewhere, around the same softness as maybelline gel liners if you have them. However i did notice that some tend to be softer than others. I guess this is what makes it cheap because consistency is not exactly great. But this didn't affect the performance of the product so i don't mind.

02 = Black ( CS True Black), MAtte

03 is a MATTE dupe of maybelline's dark brown gel lliner. Its a very dark chocolate brown when dried.

04 = True Silver color , metallic

06 = Gold ( CS Gold)

07 = cream color , shimmery/metallic

09 = White ( CS white) , Matte

12 = grayish nude color, shimmery/metallic

18 = deep olive/khaki green, slight shimmer

19 = light mauvey pink, satin finish

22 = copperish brown , satin finish

23 = light peachy coral pink , satin finish

24 = antique gold , satin finish

27 = light lime green with a bit of yellowish gold, satin finish

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