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SkinType: Dehydrated Combi,
EverydayMinerals(O.Glow): Light Almond/Fawn 1:2) SilkNaturals : 4Yellow:3ButteryYellow:25MediumIvory:2GlowBase:Pinch of GreenColorCorrector
MakeupForever HD :#120
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation :004 Nude
Maybelline Superstay 24hr Makeup : Sand Beige
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation : 52 Vanilla
Bourjois 10hr Sleep Effect :72 Rose Clair
RimmelLastingFinish :200 Soft Beige
CoastalScents Undercover HD : ST-04

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Friday, January 30, 2009
9:22 PM
Lumiere Cream Concealer

Product : Lumiere healing Cream Concealer
Shade: Light Medium Yellow
Net. wt : 3gm
Price: USD6
Ingredients: emu oil, titanium dioxide, mica, zinc oxide, avena sativa, stearyl alcohol, tocopherol,neem oil, rosemary extract, melalueca oil, iron oxide, magnesium stearate
Quality: 3 /5
Packaging: 5 /5
Repurchase? : No
Description : Comes in a convenient swing out jar with 3 grams of product, perfect to travel with! Made with the finest all natural ingredients

Emu Oil - To heal and soothe, transdermal carrier
Titanium & Zinc Oxide - Natural sun screen ingredients
Avena Sativa (Oats) - Soften the skin and help soothe skin irritations
Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - Natural moisturizer, anti-oxidant , rejuvenation, skin elasticity
Neem - anti-septic, Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal
Rosemary Oil Extract - Natural anti-oxidant
Melaleuca (Tea Tree) -


The color light medium yellow was too yellow for me. So it looked a bit weird when i use it on my cheeks. Looks like patches of off-color foundation. But that was easily fixable by buffing on my foundation more carefully.

I bought this because i was quite impressed with the ingredients. But the Emu oil gave it an oily smell. It bothers me a little during application when i use it to cover redness around my nose. But its good that the smells goes away after that

This has a Matte finish. Creamy but i wont consider it creamy/soft enough on my under eye area. The amount of the product you get on the brush with one swipe/dap is just nice. It work well on my light acne scars. No need to do excess blending as the product is very smooth. I also have some redness on certain parts of my face that i know i can use this for.

However this just doesn cover spots and those small pimples..Even when i layer more product on this just doesn over spots well enough. At least not as well as my Everyday Minerals powder Concealer in Multi Tasking. Just one dap of powder on each spot will mute the redness of the bump. But with this cream concealer it just doesn do the job

And because i had 2-3 layers on pars where i had more redness and bumps. This caked in the middle of the day. Either the concealer caked. Or it caused my foundation to cake up. This is the main reason i am not going to repurchase. ( although i am quite sure the pot will last me a long time as only a little bit of product goes a long way)

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2:08 AM
Mini Haul: Eyeko + Lumiere Samples

I got my recent Eyeko Stuff! Flown All the way from UK! This was my first order from UK, so i am pretty excited. Shipping was free for all orders, or any amount. That's why i finally decided to try this cream. There are "some" rave abt this cream here and there, I actually Only ordered 3 tubs of their bronzing cream. (on the left part of the first picture). Everything on the right side are the freebies :D. They sent me a free eyeshadow/lipgloss/cream blush/concealer palette and some makeup removing wipes. It's Such a nice surprise!. I knew that there's some code available to get 1 free stuff with each order.

The 3 rectangles on the Top left are the Lipglosses : these are VERY sheer, cant really tell when i tried them on.
Bottom left is a cream blush: This is not bad. easy to blend and don't need to be afraid of going overboard.
Bottom right is a cream concealer: Now, I really like this so far. Its creamy, the finish is not shimmery, but has a bit of sheen. So it covers quite nicely without being too thick.

These are the eyeshadows. The nude shades are nice. Pigmentation is satisfactory enough to use. But cant be compared to nyx eyeshadows imo.
According to descriptions these are Moisturising shimmering cream.. So the brown tinted one is obviously used as a moisturizing bronzer. I thought the concept was good :D

I'll probably not use the tinted one on my face though. probably as a cream for my legs when i wear skirts or to highlight my browbone.

These are not terribly tinted. They go on sheer. I think its the small shimmering bits that give the cream the color.

I scooped out some of the untinted (pink one) into a jar to use. to highlight my cheekbones etc. Its not over the top shimmery. Good buy! *gives self a pat*

I also received my Lumiere foundation samples today. I also got their Cream concealer to try out.

This concealer is more matte and opaque than the one in the Eyeko Palette.

I only got samples in the "flawless" and "luminous" finishes.

And omg, These are VERY different. As in the same shade looks SO different in the 2 formulas.

I'm not sure if u can see.
I placed the same shade in the 2 different formulas beside each other in this pic.
The difference is like. WOW Wow...
I think light golden Flawless is a good match. But i didn get any good match in luminous finish. And this was the formula i was more interested in trying out.

Okie, thats all for today.

I think these goodies will keep me occupied until my TKB trading haul 2 and EGminerals samples arrive :D.

*I'll try to re-upload my pics in my previous post when i have time. Everything looks so messy.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009
3:43 AM
Update: TKB trading Haul 1 / budget brush hanger

well here's a pic of my tkb tradng pigments in their jars that i got previously.
I pressed most of them into my 28 empty pan palette already.

My 2nd tkb trading order has JUST been ordered. I'll probably post/do swatches when i receive my 2nd order together.

*side note* CoastalScents.com 's mica pigments are similar to the ones on tkb trading.com. The names are the same and i got a sample which looks/feels the same as my tkb trading pigments. so...... we all know which is cheaper though :)


The best way to dry your brushes after washing them is having the brush tip facing down. Which an be a bit tricky to do sometimes.
So i made full use of the stuff in my house and came up with "technique" below. My brush is 100% vertical and all the moisture wont get to the funnel and spoil the glue etc etc.

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Friday, January 23, 2009
1:41 AM

Totally stressed now, so I'm doing something totally not related to my project now.
List of all my Online purchases

First of all: my Public livejournal Sprees:

Jelly spree#1 : http://community.livejournal.com/spreesalley/42020.html
Tank Top spree #1 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/1116059.html
Coastal Scents spree #1 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/1260529.html

Geo #1 : http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/868889.html
Geo #2 : http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/954039.html#cutid1

Nonpareil Boutique spree #1 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/799362.html
Nonpareil Boutique spree #2 : http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/909675.html

TKB trading spree #1 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/1296168.html
TKB trading spree #2 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/1366391.html

Everydayminerals spree #1 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/992079.html
Everydayminerals spree #2 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/1056783.html
Everydayminerals spree #3 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/1059640.html
Everydayminerals spree #4 http://community.livejournal.com/spreesgalore/1258373.html

Private Purchases

EverydayMinerals Sample Kits : 4 in total
CherryCulture: Once , bought 15 pearl mania eye shadows and the LA girl lip palette in delicious
Lumiere skinBar: Twice, got foundation samples. and a cream concealer. yet to arrive
EG minerals : Once, got like 15 foundation samples, yet to arrive. They have a huge selection.
Silk Naturals
: Once,foundation samples, silk dust, tinted finish dust, perfecting powder.
M.A.D. minerals Once, got 7 indelible gel liners. theres 29% off, i couldn't resist. i wanted to get 2 more... lol

OK, i think i am too pressed for time to list down what i got for myself from my public sprees. Even more uncountable to recall what i bought from sprees i Joined. I think I'm horrible....

AND i am still getting like at like 10 more eyeshadow pigments from TKBtrading. They are great. But they are also one of those mineral up Internet companies that doesn give freebies for bulk orders :( ... i guess there's nth wrong with that, just that i am too pampered? . Everday Minerals almost always have some special going on. Others sometimes include a baggie sample of eyeshadow. I got a sample of a lipgloss from silk natural when i only ordered samples. ;D .

I guess it's not about getting a freebie. It's that element of surprise you get that's just so heart warming. Makes it NOT feel like you are purchasing from computers/machines.

I just ordered newer everydayminerals sample. I think i got darker after my holiday so my FAWN OGL doesn really match as well now. ... after that I'll need to get new full size foundation.... AND i just got Vicky to like EverydayMinerals foundation. ... talk about being evil ya?

I wonder if anyone readying my blog knows what i am talking about because i think i just tend to rattle and rumble on. I guess it's ok since it's just to remind me of how silly i am.

ok i need to get back to work, i have officially like 4 hours left...


Sunday, January 18, 2009
1:28 PM

View of my collection of gel-liners. To be honest i just started on these.
I only made 3 purchases. Got the indelible liners from MADminerals.com. I"ll probably not get around using them much. BUt looking at them makes me happy....
Thers a Kate's gel liner in plum color that i got in a make up swap event from cozycot.
The last is maybelline's new product, gel liners. Brown with gold shimmers. Its really quite nice.
I did a quick and short review at cozycot forums @ http://forums.cozycot.com/showpost.php?p=1645939&postcount=325
So now i'll just duplicate it here.

Pigmentation: 4 /5 (3/5 for shimmery ones)
Application: 5/5 (really easy to control , smooth application)
Price: 5/5 ( i got them duing M.A.D minerals's 29% sale, so it was WAY worth it. Normally they are USD8.99 ea)
Colour range : 4/5

Tidalwave: medium blue. when applied Appears more as with sheen rather than glitters
Tanzanite: deep plum with the same finish as tidal wave. REALLY REALLY similar to the Kate's liner in the picture.
Ivy League: Olive green with the same finish as the two abv. Quite a light color, so it probably works better on the lower lids. I already know i will use this a lot.
Endangered: this is a true MATTE forest green. its VERY green. i feel. dark enough to line my eyelids.
marcasite: medium grey with shimmer. has the same sheen when applied but also has very fine shimmer. This , for me, is toolight to apply to my upper lids. I prefer to have this on my lower lids and pair this up with magnetism or black out on my upper lids.
Magnetism: Almost black kind of dark grey. with golden shimmer. Applys like a soft black.
BlackOut: a matte black...its black black, Very pigmented. But not as pigmented as compared to the Coastal scents true black.

CoastalScents gel liner (these smudges on me, not a fan of them )
Pigmentation: 5 /5
Application: 3.5/5 (This is very soft, sometiems i get too much product on my brush, i prefer the indelible liners' consistency)
Price: 5/5 (only USD6.95? so theya re really cheap)
Colour range : 3.5/5 ( i'm only giving 3.5 because they dont have a lot of dark shades, BUT they do have over 10 colors, but its jsut me.)

TruePink : Hot pink, matte finish.
TrueBlack : a matte black. really pigmented. depending on how u apply, it can have a black pencil liner finish or a really solid liquid lienr kind of finish.

Kate's gel liner in deep plum: i got this from the used make up exchange organised by fellow cotters. So i dont know the exact name of the shade. I really like this. But it is the Same color as tanzanite. BUT more pigmented.

Maybeline's gel liner in dark brown:
Pigmentation: 5 /5
Application: 5/5 (really easy to control , smooth application)
Price: 3/5 ( compared to my indeloible liners and Coastal scents, This just doesn seem to inviting at SGD19.90 ea)
Colour range : 1/5 ( thes like only 2 shades, lol)

Theres enough review abt this. BUT i have to add that the color and texture is really great. like the sheen also. good for my everyday use when i dont want to use black.
Its really pigmented


I got my pigment samples too, which i put into jars already. but somehow that picture doesn show up. so i can only load this messy image with the pigments still in their baggies.. So i'll probably show them off when i make more additions.

i got them at. www.tkbtrading.com -----> this is a great site. they sell all the basic mineral make up ingredients, pigments and mica samples at a really low price.... the samples are also very generous. fills a 20g jar, which is like 25-30% more than what u get for MAC samples.The quality is great,they seriously are worth more than the price of USD1.50 for each sample... I"ll do swatches , probably sometime after CNY and when i figure out how exactly to use my new cheena phone.

MY samsung U700 officially died on me..... I hate samsung phones.. they always die on me.............................................................................

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Saturday, January 03, 2009
1:19 AM

I am really disliking singapore more and more....

oh well before i get to that. Here's the good news first.
I actually got 1cm taller since I'm back from my holiday. HOW COOL IS THAT!
i am officially 157... I know still a shortie, and still too short for the job i wanted.... but its good news nonetheless.

Now, back to why i am starting to dislike sg. Its really not very convenient.

-I hate how the trends and stuffs are always slower here.
-I cant get the twilight hardcover set HERE. but shipping alone cost over 40USD. its totally horrible.
-Cant order cheap usd1 cosmetics from ELF anymore coz they banned singapore ID. Now each item is horribly priced at like $5.90 for 1 at stores
- And i noticed i am replacing almost my entire makeup collection with stuffs i can ONLY get online.
- I would have ordered all the colors of the indelible gel liners if i were living in the US. Instead of just four. I mean I do NEED the brown/blue/purple/plum colors....
- i WANT to be able to get stuffs that i want without having to wait like 3 weeks. sometimes i really forget what i ordered by the tie it arrives.
- I think i need not list more, coz they all mean the same thing. WHY is it so unfair!? Nothing is ever "exclusively available" here. Not significantly anyway....