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Saturday, April 30, 2005
1:12 AM

Dear blog,

Its a new layout! i wanted another pic, tt one is clearer and grusome And more exotic. tis one nt realli edgy enough. BUT, to avoid getting reported for putting up M18 pics. this is wad i came up with :S

oh and i finished eng, practicals and ss mid yrs. messed up my practicals badly... blahz. and my grp. mistook water for ocnc HCL !!! they put the beaker ( half filled) RIGHT nex to the brown bottle with HCL inside it. as in its set up just liek all the other chemicals at the teachers bench. AND both water and are colorless, how are we supposd to noe they ll put half a beaker of plain water... all the other chemicals they oso put in the beaker for us de... *sigh* .. !!!

ok nvm i'm off! updated just coz i changed layout. lolz :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2005
8:02 PM

Dear Blog,

i love my layout! although change for abt a week le.. hahaz... i think this is one of my fav blogskins i made myself... V tedious leh, coz the fairy and the shiny "stars"the leaves all frm diff place. w/o adobe realli v time comsuming to do it. Hmm... but i am already looking for pics for my nex layout! hohoho... i have no life... everyday oni stare at my sch work den go online search for pics.. :S

Anyway, today supposed to take the lit time practice on 12th nite. and to tell ms chow we ll do the chem quiz on friday.BUT, the teacher who Just happen to get bday bashed ont he same day as me, disappeared! -_-" talk about forgetful, mayb it applies to all ppl born on tt day. Anyway, ber and shufen oso 4got we doing the time practice today. ( missed it coz of syf). AND they saw mr ng drive off -_-" ...... AND my and char and vicky wasted our perspiration going to the stuff room and canteen , ask other teachers, trying to look for him :S So in the end, *aft JUST confirming with ms chow we wanna do it on friday* we went to look 4 her again to do the chem instead. i mean no point wasting time den in the end get nth done lo. aft tt me char and vicky stayed bk a bit finish the lit "class activity"coz 2molo need present..

oooh~ and i got my very own Muvo player! its n200 , with radio n voice recording oso. Ber oso has the same model, oni hers is 1 GB! but mine oni 512 :S And hers is white and mine is orange~... 1molo gt emaths test~ vectors and transfermation. ok la shld nt b diff. But i need to revise the trans chapt. coz i slept half the tiem she taught tt chapt :S .

friday is sports day~at cck stadium.. we are having monday's aft recess time table with an additional period of amaths. SO dumb rite! den they gif us few hrs break adn meet at stadium at 2+ ..me vicky and car were joking tt we climb over the wall of the stadium and go swimming aft the attendance taking, lolz! so lame.... ok tts quite enough.. i'll update later! oh ya!!!! i am Hooked on sesshomaru fan fiction ! lolz dere's nt much of them on inuyasha though. weird, when inuyasha is supposed to be the lead in the show? :S ....... okok i'm going now, realli~


Friday, April 15, 2005
5:39 PM

Dear blog,

so we got silver, don even have "high" . tts a bit extreme....


Thursday, April 14, 2005
8:24 PM

Dear Blog,
2day was the syf competition for us... did normal, no miracle happened. so the forest mostly still nv smile...one thw whole its fine.. oh well..... :S


Sunday, April 10, 2005
1:19 AM
How to make a ME!

Dear Blog,
How to make a vicole
5 parts competetiveness
1 part silliness
3 parts beauty
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Top it off with a sprinkle of caring and enjoy!
Quizilla provided by , http://www.go-quiz.com

Thursday, April 07, 2005
7:15 PM

Dear blog.
I am very tired. Dead beat after the 2.4 earlier on and the dance in the afternoon. Kinda irritated and v depressed coz we jsut keep on losing the counting when we do the deer jump... and somw of the forest oso. Serously, they dotn understadn english. And some one dare to say "i dono what is point( feet)" after beign in dance for 1year PLUS and havign gone through numerous ballet lessons. I just got a huge feeling we arent gonan get gold? And a high Silver is like unreachable oso at this rate. I'm thinking that the 1 or 2 pt frm this syf, is just not worth all my efforts lor. Mayb others think its not worth ttheir efforts too, coz the seniors don get pts frm this syf le...but ! nvm la hack care. I think on tt day, i jsut do my best and thats it. .

On i changed the layout yesterday. Lord fluffy, cute rite. its Sesshomaru from inuyasha...... i liek the furry thing on his shoulder. It is his tail? or family heirlom? i dono didn watvh the series jus picked up some random info on fanfics. :S ok i'm off, go do my HUGE pill of hw...


Tuesday, April 05, 2005
8:16 PM
i am v tired

Dear Blog,

2day had dance. reported at 2.30pm coz i have to do the face paint for xinyi. The princi. and co. wanna view the items so abt one frm each grp or animals need to haf one person in full dress. The make up for snake adn orstrich all change u noe. mdm leow made the snake's make-up until its like the nicest. And the flamingo one become.... not as nice. the colors are fine, bt mayb she didn draw it nicely ba... anyway its supposed to be a trial.

I forgot to brign my contacts today. End u dancing in a "blur world". cant see anyone's face clearly unless if its within 1 metre. :S I might as well be blind lor. anyway was glad i didn bring. ALL the hod were dere lor!. ALL even Grace chong was there. :S Gave some coments that makes it obvious they dono anything wad modern dance is abt. And mrs ong was jsut sayign some superfical things? like can do with mroe practice. Tell the forest they are also important although they dont get the so called "center-role". but some did point out some sort comings. BUT the Problem is, ALL that they say. we HEARD before already -_-""" . Leopards arent fierce enough( grrHHh* i should buy fake fangs*). And they probably thought modern dance is just like any cultral dance.Coz they commented that there is too little of "actual"dancing? referring to the snakes and us ( mayb) doing stunts or watever and ont have the typical jazz /pop dance tt kinda feeling. I hope u aoll get wad i mean. if not nvm, i dono how to explain.....

Overall its ok la, bt dono y i'm v tired today. Later must definately slp early. But its hard, i need to finish my time practice and its on differenciation. WHICH i suck at.. :S i suck at every chapter in amaths la -_-"""" ok i think everytime i write blog oni keep on complain . like so "san ba" :S .... ok bb~!