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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
8:07 PM

Dear diary,

My last post seemed stupid. Never mind that. I've been in pretty bad mood these days and i got back most of my common test results. And they were all like shit. I did ok for my chinese,Chem was acceptable.. and failed my english summary/vocab common test. I NEVER failed an english test before ok. I didn get anythin on binomial therom right. I passed the emaths but fail the amaths terribly. i got a damn single digit for it! over 40marks. I passed the previous test i had on binomial theorm u noe. and i did so badly for this. damn! If this is not bad enough, my lit paper is probably trash to look at. I didn noe anything . Didn noe wad to write. They gif me a text and ask qns like "what happened before this(the part teh text covers) to make blabla feel like this?"Oh den why they even gif us the text? might as well just ask wad happened in blabla act blabla scene right! Coz i tot it was text based anyway, i didn really study for it. I couldn put the events in their correct order and end up not writting about the important points .
Haizz, and i noe its gonna get worse when i get my physics marks and actual lit marks. I can just count on a terrible time with mymom this time. god bless me. oh, adn i haf a chinese test 2mol. i am FOREVER havign chinese test. *gRrh*


Tuesday, February 08, 2005
12:05 AM

dear DIARY,

today durign lit we were suposed to write a DIARY entry in the perspective of Viola( for my grp).tt was quite fun. the Chinese spellign i sure fail liao more than half i dono. Should haf studied :S. these are the only things worth remember for sch today

so After school, we had chem xtra lesson. Ended at about 3pm. Vicky didn go coz she gt tamil CA at her language sch. ME adn charmaine went lot 1 walk walk aft chem lor. Charmaine bought an icecream cone while i got an Orange mcfizz and we went to walk around. nth much. Later she got muah chi( nt sure the name) and i got a Kou rou bao! dono if u all noe wad i am refering to. We kept seeign charmaine's p sch friends lo. And we were saying y it seems all the good lookign guys go for uglier girls and the pretty girls go for uglier guys. hahaz.. so anyway we headed home at a lil over 4 lor. I rented 2 vcds. Underworld and The little black book. SUPER MOVIES!!!!

the Underworld is even a nicer movie abotu vamps and werewolves than Queen of the Damned. Its about war between vanps and werewolves. ITs cool and a lil bloody. Michael Corvin( Scott Speedman) is so charming! and Selene(kate Beckinsale) is so cool! i LOVED the black leather cat suit.

Oh, adn the lil black book is about a girl who saw a slip in her bf's words when he absentmindedly say a certain habit of a certain model, who was his exgf. AND he didn TELL his now gf abotu it who is acted by brittney murphy(dont tink i spelt correctly. Anyway, he went on a work mission or smt and went for 2 weeks. HE left his palm top at home and so on. The gf, (murphy) was told to keep it for him and SO after soem bitch tok withe her friends at a tv reality tv show company she went through the palm top. AND found pics of his ex gf, and HIM and his PARENTS. AND it was said that her BOYFRIEND doesn take girls home. so see the conenction? So anyway she got further and further adn found out lal the other 3 ex gfs. It was tt watever reason her bf said it was that he and his exgfs broke up was exactly opposite. eg, in the model's case. almsot ALL they did during their relationship was s*x and he said they broke up coz of bad s*x life.

Anyway murphy actually sratted to like one of his exgfs. The one he brought on vacation with his parents.In murphy's job, she and about half a dozen others were all competign to climb to the top with attractive reality tv show topics. SO her friend at the company sold her out and told about her checking up on her bf's exgfs pretendign to be interviewing them for a show for her company. Her Friend's idead was to make HER life a real show on tv. In other words, it woudl probabl cost murphy ( int eh story) her life and eternal happiness.

It all ended up revealing that murphy's bf was meant for his ex, the one whom was the only one who was brought to see his parents. den typical, life goes on and murphy got her childhood dream to work with a tiptop achor woman and blabla. so life goes on.

NICE SHOWS!!!!!! gt time go rent the vcds k!

ok i said enough and i'm now REALLY very tired adn need to sleep!



Saturday, February 05, 2005
11:58 PM
Dear Journal


i changed my layout yesterday night! dont tink a lot of ppl read my diary. probabyl no one will notice :S . i mean its quite standard. U leave tags for other ppl, they will coemr ead ur blog. if nt. its much deserted. dont realli mind tt though coz i the blog and the posts and the layouts to make myself happy anyway....

well,i just came back from chinatown with my parents and bro. It's so DAMN packed!!!

i accompany my mom most of the time to buy "nian huo". My mom bought soem MROE decorations for our hse. And i though my hse is already TOO filled with new yr decos, she wana buy somemore! LiewZzzz.. its lik when u step into my hse i notice. " wah so many red squares/rectangles on the walls" ... dono y my mom this year so Over enthu lor. anyway i oso bought 2 wall decos for the classroom. mom oso bought me a cheong sum style top. Blood red leh! no, even MORE red than blood. can imagine HOR. walao if u compare the color with angbao. i tink the shirt more RED lor. :S ooh, and i bought a hp cover at one of the stores. nice lehz. Its pink n white(typical, i noe).But it's realli the only flip foen cover that fits my phone. Others sold outside are always too big.

Anyway the shopping didn take VERY long. We went to thiong baru eat dinner. ate mac coz my bro dont wana eat anyting else. Aft tt went ntuc dere with my mom. bought vanilla coke!!( hohoho.... ).mom oso bought a crate of mandrin orange. aft tt we go home lor. We didn seemed to have done much. But its so late when we finish

haI~! still got tons of hw not done!!! and i gt chinese test on monday! i so stressed! all must put until 2molo liao...hmnn... ok i'm going off, go watch tv!