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Sunday, December 26, 2004
11:30 PM
stupid website

Well, there's supposed to b 7 pics. BUT the web keep corkign up and i oni makage to upload 2 pics in half and hour! :S ... so here r the 2.

This is taken some time ago when we went to, bugis i think? or orchard? dont remember.

this is taken on Xmas eve! at Parco bugis junction :)



Saturday, December 25, 2004
11:10 PM

lalalalalalalala~! hohohohoho~! hahahahaha~!

i am a lil mad but its ok on Xmas. :D ok here's Xmas EVE.

xmas eve, i went out with xs, vicky and GINA! finnaly gina joined us for an outing. I didn see her ever since physics remedial :S . OH, and i curlled my hair for xmas eve. and i tied to lil pony tails at the top, as in half of my hair. don realli noe how to discribe. :) shld say i'm quite pleased with the effect. Vicky theyall oso agreed. So i think the 1st thing i do aft Os is to perm my hair. :S *so vain*

ok SO, we met at lot 1 ard 1pm. we are at "Let's Eat" at lot 1 and den decided to go Bugis walk walk. We didn wanna go orchard coz it'll b SO packed. last yr when i went, it was So badly packed tt, i felt i was just smelling ppl's BO and perfume. ok so we went bugis, it wasnt v ncie at 1st la. As in we were nt REALLI doign any shopping, jsut walking past teh shops and looking inside. den aft a while vicky wanan go toilet, so we went to find toilet. the 1st floor oen was SO bad tt ppl were Q-ing all the way to the corridor. -_-"" so we had to go to the 2nd floor toilet. IT wasnt much better bt at least there were more stalls so we tot it would b faster. Still i tot i waited v long. i WONDER what some WOMEN do in the toilet? do they take off ALL their clothes and piss and den put them back on?( ok tts nt v lady like to say). I jsut shrug it off until this stupid womAn had to wash her hands and like shake her hands at my legs. i NOE its not on purpose BUT, she might as well just be on purpose. gRrh. :S

ok so went jsut went on and walk walk and do nth in particular. was a bit bored. I was REALLI almost going to go crazy. I doon why but i just FELT the need to BUY something. HAlf way through we almost gave up so we went to take neoprints instead. It was, quite fun. i dono if i like taking neoprints. But i definatly like taking tthem better than last time.but dono why this tiem when the prints are out. ONE of the photos look a bit dis-colored? So gina's right cheek look a bit blur. AND vicky looks as if she got rashes on her neck adn face -_-"" imagine!. if nt for tt fault the pics ll b nice.

so anyway we went to the edge and walk walk lor. I bought a CD by " xia chuan li mei" if i'm nt wrong. the one they advertise on tv. say 40 yrs and appear once de singer from japan. beatiful voice! So anyway we came to thsi shirt and tops shop

its v pinkish and whitish. I was SO desperate to buy soemthign tt i tried on like 5 skirts? AND i MUST admit tt i am SO OFF skirts now. i have such ugly legs. and my BUTT is too big. or mayb i should stay off pleated skirts. but i LOVE pleated skirts. nvm tt. xs oso tried on 2 tops. And she cant decide on the white or the black. Haha, and she keep asking us white better or black better... in the end neither of us bought anything. was a bti irritated czo i REALLI wanted to BUY smthing. so aft tt, we went to bugis village. *standard* walked ard a bit, bt nth much to see oso. i bought my fave young coconut drink. And i bought a $12 top. Not bad, but not v nice when i look at it now. I was jsut desperate to shop i guess :S. We went to OG after tt but b4 we actually walk ard i suggested going to far east. Because i know we will not get any shopping done at OG. So wae walk ALL the way back to the MRT station. Half way gina haf to go, coz she need to be at her uncle's hse at about 7pm i think. LEft oni me xs and vicky lo. I didn realli see anything i like. BUT xs bought a pair of sneakers from Ba pin and vicky bought a pair at soem shoe shop, i cant remember the name. She told us bt tt shoe last time. BUT they didn haf the black color one she liked. oni left the White design. So she like mopped ard trying to decide ifshe stil want it coz their oni branch that MIGHT haf tt shoe is in toapayoh :S. She evencalled her mom to help her decide. Ok so we walk walk a bit den went to eat dinner. coz i was SO hungry. vicky didn eat coz her mom cooked. We had Long John silvers. I had a fish wrap adn xs ordered combo1. i almost gave up hope one buying anything tt nite. But aft eating continued to shop a lil sicne we missed out some shops. DEN! tt was the moment! i saw this nice 3/4 at this quite small shop. U can imagine how exceted i would be. its black, with gray stripes, v small adn thin stripes. suits me. It was probabyl the oni thing i tried on tt day tt suited me. OF course i bought it. Although didn buy as much tings as i tot , BuT better than nth.

ok so aft this we took bus and went home lo...

haiya, dont write alrdy, i find myself v complainY. turning more adn more aunty liao :( anyway i shld stop spending so much $$$ czo i am stil saving for my creative mp3 player :S.

ooh anyway today, xmas day. dotn feel liek elaborating. i bought a bag, school bag for nex yr. Its black with white words ALL over it. nth special. Its a bag pack, coz i fidn one shoulder bags VERY tiring to carry. anyway i nv buy this kinda bag b4, so its ok la... :)

ok byebye!

i will update soon!



Saturday, December 18, 2004
11:54 PM

Hey~! SOOOOoooOoo long nv up date my blog.

Anyway,I went out with Charmaine and Vicky yesterday. Went bishan walk walk.Coz they heard dere re-renovated adn stuff. Bt the trip was not so satisfying. We went to a shop selling bags adn stuff. AND i saw a Very nice necklace!. bt i didn realli noe if i shld buy it, so i said we walk walk finish and i will come back and buyit when we leave. Guess wad? i totally forgot bout it. Char/vicky reminded me on the train back home. and u dont noe how PissED i was with myself. Bt nevertheless, i saved the $$, so i shld b glad still.

Dont feel like writing the details coz now a bit late. Oh, and i found NEW blue-blacks on my body. This one is " invisible" I didn notice it until now. I was massaging my right arm. DEN the pain shot frm my skin to my flesh and into my bones! Literally! bt there 's no blue-black color. It looks normal bt when i press down its so PAINFUL!Just brush my hand over it and i can feel the pain, weird.

Plus, my cough is STILL not gone, and took its turn for the worse. Despite me taking my med regularly. Mayb its the kfc and ljs i had the past few days. I just seem to be UnaBle to recover frm this whole sickness thing!. My fever and runny nose just got better and now the cough!.its so horrible, if i dont keep drinkign water or cough to clear my throat. I will find myself with NO voice aft like 10 mins. Do mutes feel like this? bt they can still go " ahh, ahh" . and when i "ose my voice" total silence when i try to speak. Argh!!! I think al the dance practices also tired me greatly, and hindered my recovery. ( this sounds so formal, very un-blog-language .lolz)

ok another news, i found a NEW hobby! Quizilla. I found there's peopel writing stories, in series form dere. Most of them are vampire stories. and i am so IN LOVE with them!!*jumps up+down*. Its romance, fantasy, mixed with a bit or violence/blood. Really kept me reading. Lovely sotries. One was on how Mother Earth came about. About how she was daughter of the king of darkness . who was son of god b4 being banished. Den blablabla, an angle fall in love wiht her and a vampire fell in love with her.Den she chose to sort of " form" earth coz she had to balance out the two realms, light anddarkness. Coz both sides are of equal strength in a war and she had to choose mah.. den blabla. in the end she chose middel and married BOTH angel and vampire!. She had wings, oen black one white. balancing the realms. Well, tts my fav story, just a nice amount of romance and a v gd story line.

BUT beware, there are intimate scenes. VERY intimate scenee. i didn realli understand them, skipped through them or just scan through at 1st. Bt den,( don call me perv) i read one of it word by word. And well of coz understoon it better. Its not so gross even though its supposed to describe a sex scene. The author made it more of emotions den of the physical details. As in more was wrote about how much theis guy/girl love this person, its nt those typical sex stories where its realli disgusting. den,somehow i always find the " screamed with anticipation" think funny. Yuk, i'm gross, i actually read this kinda stuff. But the romance inside is so nice! Its like, the things they sacrifice for love and stuff, its so touching. ok enough abt tt. I 'ms till gross, i read stuff tt contains things like " manhood n breasts". Its strange reading those, coz i dont NOE wad to feel when i read them. disgusted?( bt its nt very detailed) aroused?( WHAT is aroused, i still dono) . bt i settled on curious.

still i recomand u ppl go read the story, if u like vampries stories/fantasy stories. Can jsut skip through those parts or scan through lik me.

ok tts all folks, i think this is long enough to make up for my absence! i will do relinking later or the nex time i write.



Wednesday, December 08, 2004
9:47 PM

I am so fucking pissed. Even my okcounter is NOT working. Everything is going wrong.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
6:46 PM

these few days had been NOTHING but boring. well, almost.its dance sleep watch tv eat and almost nothing else.

ooh bt there is a VERY big thing to update about. I have a cartoon SKY built in my room! haha, no i shld say i LIVE in a cartoon sky. As I've written in my diary long time ago, i Had my walls painted in shades of blue. And i haf one side of wall white. Sort of symbolize sky + clouds? haha. And My furniture are all white with light wood trimmings. PLUS, I had a small blue start light and a small Moon light my mom bought last time. they are about the size of A4 size paper . AND previous saturday, my family went to ikea.And got me a SUN~! hehe... the sun is the main light of coz, its on my ceiling. hahaha.. i'm so happy, I might get some blue /white glow in the dark stars for my walls and ceiling.

hmmm, mayb i make it too much of a big deal, its oni lights. :S actually i shld haf painted all my walls tinkerbell blue, with painted white clouds. but nevermind, it ll be too trouble some. :S

ok and on sunday, i had a gathering with my Pri sch mates. my teacher was there oso. SO long nv see her sia, bt she didn look any older than when we left her. hahaz. it wasnt very interesting though. the girls ate at sakura in bp plaza. I dono wad the guys did. We later met and went to kfc to wait 4 my teacher and we chatted, for quite a long time. It was about 4pm already when she left. So we decided to go causeway to catch a movie. X'mas with the Kranks! Nice show has soem funny scenes. But i will oni gif 3 stars out of 5. I updated my friends' numbers and emails. not a lot of ppl, oni about 10. By the time )s are over it will b left bout 6. As over it will be jsut a couple of us. Hai. sad rite...

ok thats all i did these few days lo. ANYWAY, thnx for ALL the posts! i lvoe to see many many posts. btw, feel free to link me!, just leave a tag. Ok now i'm off to update my links~