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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
9:19 PM

toDAY should be a VERY happy day coz i went orchard with vicky ,charmaine, belinda and shufen. BUT 2molo got physics revision session DEN i didn do teh worksheetS. so MUCH 25 QNS , all sec Bs and Cs type lorz. And besides that CHEMISTRY. thursday got remedial oso and i ALSO haben do the worksheets. Now i'm liek feeling DEAD lor. HAI! no mood to do especially seeing them all so complicated de. HAI!

ok NVM, so today i was supposed to meet belinda at yew tee at 11am den we take mrt to cck to meet charmaine and shu fen. Vicky take 190 so we meet her at far east itself. BUT belinda woke up oni at bout 10.50am and shufen oso say she ll be late. so end up meet bout 11.15am at yew tee mrt lo. Den shu fen and charmaine oso come and meet us dere. The thing is i was there at about 10.50am. Coz i noe i always late so i came out especially early!. den in teh end shufen bout 11.20 den reach. !!!! lolz so i was so pathetic dere. bt nvm lo i bought teenage and read, NOT a good magazine nt very entertaining.

so we met and take mrt to far east. We went to eat at sakura resturant dere. quite nice . I had pineapple rice. After that we walk walk in fareast lo. walk until 2++ lidat. I bought a pink jeans jacket. very nice! fall in love with it almost the moment i saw it. lolz hard to describe the design bt it has 2 flat silver buttons the size of a big fish ball. v cute wor! At 1st didn wanan buy de bt walk one round in far east still cant stop thinkign bout it!. So i went back dere to buy. its $36.90. Affordable and worth it for tt kinda jacket. Its not the normal typical kind u noe like more stylish.

ok so aft that we went to far east de lvl 1 to walk walk den we head for heeren shops. also walk walk lo bt didn buy anything. We took neo prints again!i htink within 2 weeks i took 4 times liao. once with vicky +xs, once with Yang, once with daph charmain , tammi and vicky, and this time lo. But teh tiem we took with daph at bugis, difd turn out well. We choose wrongly and it was all in small tiny prints :( . Ok bt this tiem is better la den charmaine taking it to lot 1 photo shop to develop so all of us can haf our own copy. :). i'll upload a few here when i have time aft i get hold of the pics.

ok den aft taking pics me ans shu fen ate wonton noodles at the heeren shops dere. v near teh neo print shop. I htink those who went dere now where i toking about. The noodles not bad wor! the noodles is hand made so is nicer than those coffee shop de instant ones. And their wanton v smooth~. If u ask for No chilli noodles den u ask her for chilli seperately ll be better. Coz they gif diff kinda sauce for those chilli and no chilli de. haiya i dono how to say oso, nvm..

ooh and we saw a v cute guy at a shoe shop dere. Hahaz but he's attached, and he's malay. :S i'm a bit racist hor. But his gf nt v pretty i think he shld find prettier girl, like that den is " jun nan mei nu".

ok so aft this we walk to Ps through meridian. nv do much dere walk walk a bit den me and vicky go hm le. Coz i cant b hoem too late mah. i dono wad 3 of them did aft tt lo. So sad, miss out on the fun. They 3 outside shopping den vicky went watch movie with her mom and bro. Oni i at home alone. so SAD! which is WHY i tot of all those HW!

anyway i realli very LAZY leh. i realli rather stare at teh ceiling den do HW. i SWEAR i rather b so bored tt i play with my hair DEN to do HW. yuk. i htink i'm gonna die. after all i have Os nex yr! :(

ok nvm cheer up! i bought a top! hahaha. vicky and charmain saw this play girl top . quite nice.Only $9.90. But vicky didn brign enough $$ so they say nex tiem go back den see wanan buy anot. I think if they buy i oso buy. Anyway i'm so itching to spend money. Although i dotn have much. HAI! ooh and did i mention i need to buy new 3/4 pants? i can never cut the habit of wasting money. But its realli the oni thing tt i do that can make my mood = good. hahazz ok i'm done bubbling~



Sunday, November 28, 2004
3:37 AM

I'm sick. i feel TERRIBLE. i m weak all over and EVERYWHERE seems to be aching. arGh~I got a fever in teh afternoon. But now it's going down already. I had some panadol.

But here's the good news for me. I've gt no appetite. So thats good coz i think i need to lose weight. Its realli weird, normally i can eat a huge slice of pizza even aft having a meal. NOW i dont even wanna eat put anything in my mouth. :S

take care guys i think there's some kinda virus flying around. My whole family's sick, even my maid. AND my neighbour is sick. :S probably when the kids were playing my neighbour pass it to my bro and so on. ok i'm off.



Friday, November 26, 2004
7:24 PM
la la la ~ HAI~!

had DANCE today.wasnt that bad this time coz we didn learn a lot of steps. AND its the last session for leopards to learn steps, until mdm liao reach the grand finale.At least tts wad she said. Coz she will be starting on the snakes nex practice! haha, good luck to Xuesi and co.~!

but erm, we have a very diffcult task. That is to perfect our split jumps, the backward-row-handstand. AND mdm liao made a request to have ME kick leg sideways all the way to my EAR! omg ,Omg, oMg ,omG. SIAN, how the hell am i gonna do THAT? That backward-row-handstand is already enough to break my neck i with this one i probably end up tearing out my leg. Ok, but i have to deal with it yeah? She said she ll take out those who cant do the BW-R-HS. So now i have to really push myself. WHY? coz she refuse to put me in the sfy in 2003 stating that i have no commitment in dance coz i went back china for vacatioN!

ok i'm getting a lil worked up. sorry. But last yr was REALLI not my fault. LSF said practices ll b in december. So i booked tickets for me to go back in november. DEN when my mom settled everythign, she changed the practices to NOVEMBER! So tts wad gave mdm liao the impression. Nvm those so long ago liao. but realli lo if not coz of this, i probably wun be interested in syf . I'm so bad, mayb coz i'm lazy. WHICH, brigns me to the fact that i'm so far, too lazy to even touch anymore of my HW. more than 90% left. I sure cant reach my 5th aim on my wishlist.

ok nvm i'm dont for today, long enough post. *poof* *gone*



Thursday, November 25, 2004
3:29 AM
new layout!!

so wad????? my previous post went missing? the one i wrote about ym new layout???

erm.zzz nvm! so i'll jsut write a lil. thsi new layout is done today!. nothing fancy coz i still am a lil unfamiliar with blog html. but nvm, simple is good. so the pic is nt v clear. This coz i edited it with paint. AND somehow when i save the image it just suddenly becoem mroe not clear. furthermore after i upload it, the flaw becomes worse. :S that cant help. I'm still looking for tt installer CD for photoshop i had last tiem. Co zmy comp crashed and all so the software's gone and blabla...

anyway gimmie comments bout this. so i can improve on it a lil.



Sunday, November 21, 2004
11:34 PM
some pics.

OOOk, pics i took with vicky xs and yang quite recently. nt v clear hor~ . bt like this better. blur look nt so ugly. lolz. uploaded a couple of them coz too lazy to upload all....



9:28 PM
i just simply hate school

i HATe school. elms is up. which means english hw is UP. ok so it's research work. BUT there's a compo test or smthgin on those topics. Are the topics chim or what! i mean i dont realli care about those topics and i have nothing intelligent to express. ok nvm those

i bought boots! hmm, it's basic black heels. leather exterior with a bit of ruffled look. This pair has gt a pointed tip. Nothing fancy, i think they are just classic for their kind. But i dono where to wear them to. I mean i cant go shoppign in heels and vicky they all will flip if i wear tt out for movies or wat-so-ever with them. So/?? ehzzz... nvm la they are nice. I'm happy just to looka t them. Mayb wear them a home for fun. lolz

But of course i'm nt off shoes yet. I need smthing more casual and mayb a pair of pumps. Tt day i just threw awy my fav pair of casual heels. COZ they suddenly gif me blisters. i dono y. Mom said it's they way they make shoes. So you have to buy new ones aft a while. Tts true, if nt how those ppl make money rite....

And today, i went to Sg expo. John lil gt some warehouse sale dere. I did expect them to have more things. But i end up buying soem undergarments. hahaz. anyway felt a bit aunty going dere. But ok la, it's my 1st time going expo lor. ok i'll end here. make this short. I dont realli feel like writing more.

i'm just gonna TRY to do some history/ ss hw. :S



Friday, November 19, 2004
5:15 PM

I'm gonna die. BORED to death.

2:17 PM
so now what.

so YEAH, i am dead beat. Still feeling like a jelly fish aft the nap, dinner and tv treat. Dance was realli almost torturous ( such a word?). anyway I probably tore all my thigh tissues when Jilian/Gilian/Gulian pushed my feet 4 the stretching. i wunt elaborate on y it's so bad coz i donohow to put it in words. Anyway i think i didn inform tt i'm chosen 4 a leopard role in nex yr's SYF. HAI!. I mean which Part of me looks like leopard? I mean i definately Dont dance like leopard. all those jumps and " leopard crawling" are like against my character. at 1st Liao Lao Shi said we look like pussy cats! Den she said i look like pink panther dancin~ :S OK so i need to work on the erm, EYE contact and the ATTITUDE of a leopard. Oh and she said smt about our moves must haf a bit of sexiness in it. !!! I'm really starting to think tt, mayb even if i work hard i wunt fit the role. GrrH. I realli think i shld be able to do the orstrich dance better. Nvm about all those. I shld mayb b glad i got chosen. hahaz aft all there's oni 5 or 6 leopards.

hmmm, so enough about that. the More i look at my hair the MORe i think tt, it doesn look any diff. As if i didn cut. a bit waste of money coz the shape is liek the same. AND when i tie me hair the stupid 2 strands of fringe falls down. make me look so stupid. OK so i tot iw as lucky tt i didn haf the fringe charmaine got. BUT now mine looks worse than hers. at least her's kinda spreads out. okok No mroe complains. Coz i have smt to be greatful and happy about. My piercing got better. NO i didn get a NEW one. just tt the one, the ONLY one on my rite ear. The skin was a lil lik peeling. disgusting. i dont htink i wrote bout it here? nvm, lazy to check. To day it'sa lot better. the skin's nt most smooth bt hardly any peeling. And i think my navel one is gonna finally heal completely. Coz u see, it NEVER realli heal. I keep getting pus ( shld be it) when i do stretching or sit ups or rub against it. Its better now oso.

and i must show my deepest regret to yang! coz i watched taxi LIAO. its GREAT!!!!!! and Incredibles = VERy cute. i tot wun get to go out with u soon and i cant wait to watch it. sooo.... yeah. we watch others lo. mayb bridget jones diary or polar express or smt .

oh god, suddenly think of the PILE or HW again! i'm gonna DIE. and the ELMS is DOWN. so i noe NTH about lit and ENG hw yet? omg. bad news. Fine, that's just my life. every thing sux all of a sudden. :S ok i'm gone.


Tuesday, November 02, 2004
2:50 PM
my 1st post

HEy~! this is my 1st blog. But seems like i only start blog when soem peopel are already sick of it :S. ok no offence. Its not too late to start anyway. Blog is much easier than maintaining a diary. at least i dont need to create new layouts for every single entry. Its a chore to keep looking 4 pics for layouts, so irritating.

BUT ic ant help it bt admit, i am pathetic! i oni haf one friend link here AND i donot ANYone else besides Yang on blog. :S AND, i've like lost touch of writing entries already. Just like i lost touch in studies. Yuk, i shldn brign up this subject, studys and results jsut make me Sick.

so Anyway, thsi post is just so that my blog wunt look so plain wiht no posts at all. :) update later...